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  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
  • Meeting plans
    • We are scheduled to visit with Grahame Grieve on July 30 (not August 30) at 4:00 pm Eastern about CIMI's future direction
    • We will meet for just the second hour of our usual meeting to prepare for the meeting with Grahame. 
  • News  
    • Susan continues to work on co-sponsors for the COVID-19 FHIR Profile Library IG
      • Done CQI, US Core
      • To do: O&O, PC (Monday), Public Health, CIC
  • Demo of Applicadia Quadragraph - Richard.  Cancelled until further notice.
  • Determine meeting and joint meeting times for virtual HL7 Plenary meeting in September
    • One CIMI meeting only - Ballot review and resolution
    • Joint meetings
      • O&O - Vitals, Quantitative Lab
      • M&M - CIMI mission and future
      • CDS, CQI - QUIK on hold, QI Core FHIR Profiles, new CIMI
      • CIC, EHR - Skin and Wound IG, Pain (on hold)
      • PC - Condition - certainty attribute, presence/absence
      • Tooling Group (Enterprise Services, point of contact Wayne Kubick) - MFSH, FSH
        • Our focus is on tools to author content
      • Vocab - UTG
  • Any other business
    • Breast Cancer PSS - harmonization of breast imaging with breast pathology

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