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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

(10 min)

Welcome newcomers


AnnouncementRachel Richesson has students in last semester of a 2 year nursing informatics program who may be able to help. Reach out to her.
OrganizationApproval of this Agenda

Prior call Minutes (7/16/20) approval


5 min

It's HL7 election time - through end of July.

As discussed, Virginia voted (for our WG) for Riki Ulrich for ASD Co-chair..


  • Vote to re-elect your Work Group chairs.  Watch your email for subject line "Your Invitation to Vote" by mid-day on July 1. If you have not received an invitation but feel you are eligible to vote, please contact Linda Johnson at  (If you're a member of multiple groups you'll get one email for each, with a unique voter ID.)
    • These emails went to anyone on the WG's listserv. You can vote whether or not you're a paid member of HL7.
  • HL7 members can also vote for board members

5 minAnnual WG meeting - advance notice on planning

Your co-chairs have an early August deadline to submit our requests for the September 21-25 WGM meeting. High level details and how to register:

There is also the Sept virtual FHIR Connectathon: registration and info here:

A.I. - HL7 asks for commentsTENTATIVE from Virginia ( There is a request from the policy workgroup to all workgroups related to AI and I thought the group might want to respond.

PE WG projects 

(30 min)

Updated WG priorities document is here - reformatted to clarify next steps for each. Please review!

Instead of covering all 4 projects weekly, with a tiny time slot for each, your co-chairs decided we'll grant time slots each week to whoever has something to present. Default for now will be 1-2 projects each week, alternating as the need arises.   

Our WG co-chairs (led by Virginia) will be shepherding our two PSS's through the HL7 process.

(Quickie:)Patient Corrections project:  News!From co-lead Debi: "We would like to start having weekly meetings to work on patient corrections. I would like to get a list of people interested in doing that so we can decide on a time slot.

Patient Contributed Data (Jan & Maria) - continue where Jan left off on July 7

Jan notes that we should (in a white paper?) take into account the evolving practice of OurNotes (co-generated visit notes).

(Dave thought:  imagine the drafting and evolution of a visit note in the same way people collaborate on a Google Doc before its release ... or should this belong under patient CONTRIBUTED data below??)

PSS-1655 - Create a white paper on patient contributed data. 

New note: Purpose suggested by Virginia in the PSS: "to define patient contributed data and the work that has been done to standardize interoperability in the field up to this point as well as consideration of gaps and needs and recommendations)." Note that PSS for the white paper has been drafted and can be found here: Patient Contributed Data Whitepaper

  • Jan & Maria to provide updates and key discussion points. 
  • Update on intersection of provenance and PCD - see huge Zulip thread.

OrganizationHL7 process (if time allows)See Virginia's email titled "HL7 101 Continued" re HL7 balloting process.