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*systems which have implemented the IG, Profile, or Resource, and approximate percentage covered: Tell Health Inc. (Ivan Daykov):

  • We tested the receive part and are passing 100% of the touchstone tests on that.
  • We're not passing the touchstone tests for sending/forwarding messages because we haven't implemented those (we may not have a need to do them for these for our use scenario).
  • I'm not sure whether $process-message, which is what we implement/test, is a Resource or a Profile. I believe it is termed an 'Operation' and may be Da Vinci Notifications is a profile on $process-message because it specifies all the details of the Bundle.
  • I guess we have the receiving part of it but not the sending part, so depending on the 'counting profile' it's either 100% of what we need for our use case, 50% of the 'specification subdivision' (send and receive), or 33% of the details (1/3 to assemble a bundle, 1/3 to send it, 1/3 to receive it ) 

*1 paragraph: notable achievements Tell Health Inc. was  able to receive the simulated notificaiton bundles; worked through several of the test scripts and was able to pass 8/12 attempted; will be running some more after we figured out how to set up additional test scrpts