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Identify any expectations around security (e.g. will TLS, mutual-TLS, OAuth, etc. be required to participate)

Track Report Out

What was the track trying to achieve?

Goal: Ability to define a Post-Acute FHIR based Order (PAO) for DME to facilitate order exchange between the ordering provider and the DME supplier or rendering provider.

Test: To create a FHIR based exchange with a Task triggered by an Ordering Provider. The receiver (supplier, service provider, HUB) is able to receive it, acknowledge the message, instantiate the Task, request the required resources to complete the order, and has the ability to respond back to the ordering provider’s subscription with an alert or Task order when the Task is updated.

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Issues Identified: 

  • Needed to clarify FHIR Messaging vs RESTful FHIR Exchange
  • Assumptions are missing concerning the capabilities of the Ordering Provider
  • Need further clarification concerning the actual data being exchanged in each step of the workflow
  • Clarify ability to implement ordering and supply capability as to how to connect a FHIR server to existing systems
  • Needed to clarify workflow with respect to use of task and subscription

Next Steps:

  • Include complete sets as examples in the Implementation Guide for a STU balloting in Jan 2020
  • Complete examples, value sets and all exchanges (initial order, update, cancel etc.)
  • Create scenarios and examples for inclusion of relevant order review events (e.g. prior authorization, appropriate use)
  • Test examples with other participants to ensure they work with multiple systems
  • Work with EHR systems (e.g. Epic, Cerner) to generate directly or via a SMART application the appropriate message bundles as the ordering provider
  • Plan and conduct additional virtual Connectathons