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WGM Event Information and Registration Page

Agendas for WGM, September 20-26, 2020

Work GroupsAgenda
Anesthesianot meeting
ARD2020-09 "Baltimore" WGM Agenda
BR&R2020 09 WGM Agenda
CDSAgenda shared with CQI: September 2020 Virtual WGM Agenda - CQI
CGW2020-09 CG WGM Agenda - Virtual
CIMISept 2020 - HL7 Virtual WGM CIMI Agenda
CIC2020 September Plenary Virtual Agenda
Clinical Quality InformationAgenda shared with CDS: September 2020 Virtual WGM Agenda - CQI
Community Based Care and Privacy2020-09 September CBCP WGM Agenda/Minutes Plenary VIRTUAL Meeting (FINAL)
CONF2020-09 September Virtual Meeting
Cross-Group Projects HomeVirtual WGM Agenda/Minutes 2020-09-2020 - Cross-Group Projects (CGP)
EHREHR WG 2020-09 HL7 WGM (Virtual) Agenda
ECSeptember 2020 ECWG Agenda Virtual
FHIR-IFHIR-I WGM Agenda 2020-09
FM2020 SEP - FM Virtual WGM Agenda
Devices (DEV)Agenda: 2020-September-21 thru 25 - IEEE and HL7 Plenary DEV Joint Meetings, Virtual 
IMIN2020-09 WGM
Infrastructure and Messaging (InM)not meeting
ICmet on Sept 16th in order to lessen the international members time zone challenges in attending the Virtual HL7 Plenary and WGM.
LHSSeptember 2020 WGM (Virtual) - Learning Health Systems Agenda and Minutes
MHMH WGM Agenda Sept 2020
Modeling and Methodology (MnM)MnM Agenda WGM 202009 Virtual
Orders and ObservationsOO WGM Agenda - 202009
PA2020 September Virtual WGM
PC2020 Sept WGM Patient Care Agenda and Minutes
Patient EmpowermentPt Empowerment WG's agenda for Sept 2020 HL7 Virtual WGM
ATTHL7 WGM Sept 2020 PIE WG Agenda
PHARSeptember 2020 Virtual WGM Agenda
Process Improvementnot meeting
PHWG2020-09 WGM Agenda (Virtual)
Publishing, Electronic Services, & Tooling
SEC202009 September Virtual Security WGM
Service Oriented ArchitectureSOA 2020/09 WGM Agenda - Virtual Meeting
SD2020 September SDWG WGM Agenda
VocabularySept 2020 - HL7 Virtual WGM Meeting Agenda for Vocabulary