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Success Criteria: The end to end is successful

Bonus point: Run for multiple patients; run for additional measure(s)

StepDescriptionFHIR R4 MeasureScenario DetailsOperationBonus Point

Initial run of the $care-gap operation 

CMS130v8 colorectal cancer screening

A provider requests a Gaps in Care Report for his patients from the payer and receives the report. The report includes gaps in care information for two patients. Patient 1 has an open gap. Patient 2 has closed gap. 


Additional candidate measures: 

  • CMS124v8: Cervical Cancer Screening
  • CMS125v8: Breast Cancer Screening
2$submit-data or $collect-data to close gaps identified in Step 1CMS130v8 colorectal cancer screeningThe provider submits addition data to the payer for the patient 1 that will help to close the gap. 

3Rerun $care-gap operationCMS130v8 colorectal cancer screeningThe provider requests a Gaps in Care Report  for his patients again from the payer and receives the report. The report shows that both Patient 1 and Patient 2 now have closed gaps. $care-gaps

evaluatedResource Population Referencing Scenario


Success Criteria:

Bonus point:

(2020-01 Da Vinci Risk Based Contract Member Identification)

Tasks Leading to the Connectathon (Used for Track Preparation)