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September 24, 2020

noon EST

HL7 CDS / CQI WGsReview of Integrated Trial Matching for Cancer Patients and Providers CodeX use case, and Project ProposalSteve Bratt

September 16, 2020

1pm EST

CodeX - Open Call to the Public The Integrated Trial Matching for Cancer Patients and Providers CodeX use case will be holding an open call to the public to share recent updates and facilitate community discussion. Presentation slides and Phase 0 demo
August 28th, 2020 3pm ESTDaVinci - Prior Authorization Support weekly callThe CodeX use case leads for Oncology Clinical Pathways: Prior Authorization will present Prior Authorization for Oncology Drug Regimens, involving oncology clinical pathways on the provider side and DaVinci prior authorization
  1. Jim O'Connor
  2. Carmela Couderc
Prior Authorization Support (PAS)
August 4th, 2020WEDI Summer MeetingHL7 Accelerator Talk; Gravity, CodeX and Vulcan

Steve Bratt  - CodeX FHIR Accelerator Lead

July 31, 2020

12-1pm EST

Community of Practice - July 2020 Meeting
  1. burden reduction: insights the DaVinci HL7 FHIR Accelerator has made
  2. prior authorization: work Gary and his team proposed and prototyped at the recent Michigan Health Information Network InterOpathon

Presentation resources:

CoP Meeting Slides 

HL7 Da Vinci Project - Presentation for CodeX CoP

CoP Meeting Notes

June 26, 2020

10am ET

HL7 FHIR CodeX ListeningSessionCodeX Listening Session: focus on Oncology Clinical Pathways: Prior Authorization

Steve Bratt  - CodeX FHIR Accelerator Lead

Lawrence Shulman - MD, UPenn Cancer Center

Peter Gabriel - MD, MSE, UPenn Cancer Center

Melanie Combs-Dyer - Mettle Solutions

Tyler Haydell - Flatiron

Presentation resources:

Listening Session Recording

Listening Session Slides

Listening Session Meeting Notes