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  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
  • Review PSS and NIB Deadline Dates
    • NIB for Vital Signs was submitted by Susan and Richard
    • NIBs for Skin and Wound, and Quantitative Lab were not allowed
  • Proposal from Richard: Set up github repositories for our projects. Approved by consensus.  Richard will reach out to HL7 staff and officers to let them know what we are up to.
  • Consistency of profiles across IGs (Kurt and Richard to give a presentation about use of templates and macros to enhance consistency and reuse)
    • Very useful discussion of MFSH, a macro language for FHIR Short Hand
    • What should we do next?
      • Need for macros to be part of a knowledge repository
      • Need to do an inventory of what resources, profiles, profile attributes already exist
      • Need a tool to create easy to understand dynamic graphical displays of all of the levels of the models
      • Need a tool to compare two different resources, profiles, or profile parts
  • New opportunities - Richard
    • CAP - Structured Data Capture, Synoptic Reporting - How do we align the pathology process and the imaging process and align models that are shared across both domains
    • Cancer Ontario - need to resolve the non-realm specific foundation from which US and Canada can produce consistent profiles and IGs
      • Deal with the "US Core" issue
    • Royal College of Pathology Australia - working with Grahame Grieve
  • Review the mission of CIMI: Improve the interoperability of healthcare systems through shared implementable clinical information models. 
      Next week agenda:
      • Stan 
        • I don't think we need to change the mission.  I think we DO need a road map of useful and valued actions/project that CIMI will undertake.
        • Logical models are useful outside of just FHIR - data input screens, target for output from NLP, data displays, references in CDS
      • Seth - understand the current state, plan to improve the current state in terms of ease of use and consistency of FHIR implementations
      • Richard
        • Inconsistencies in implementations, no easy way to easily harmonize
        • Work with other groups that own FHIR resources to create consistency across Work Groups and across implementation guides. It doesn't seem that anyone else is taking on this work.  It is a thankless job, like taking out the trash.
        • "Logical clinical models" that can be transformed into FHIR 3 or FHIR 4 and to map between versions.
      • Susan
        • Need to have profiles live outside of the IGs
        • Need to work with clinicians to make sure we are representing what is really needed to take care of patients
        • Need the logical model from which we generate FHIR 3, FHIR 4, CDA, V2.X
        • Need more involvement of clinicians in the details of FHIR
    • Next week agenda
      • Demo of Applicadia Quadragraph - Richard
      • Further discussion of mission and vision and road map of CIMI, how do we get more medical informaticists in our work
    • Any other business

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