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Weekly updates will be posted to this page to give a high level overview of the UTG project with current priorities and risks


General status and progress updates: 

  • Project Management
  • Pilot Preparation
    • The Pilot is continuing as some participants have not yet submitted their proposals
    • The Reviewer group has been encouraged to participate in Consensus Review as there are two tickets that can be voted on
    • Please see Participating in UTG Pilot Testing for more information about issues logged and proposals in queue
  • Content
    • Identified issue where coremif is not being rebuilt
      • Working with Lloyd to determine how to fix
    • Due to an unfortunate snafu, the coremif from March 2019 (1436) was used to generate release 1.0.0 instead of the December 2019 version (1451)
      • This has been fixed
    • Due to another unfortunate breakdown in communication, the incorrect FHIR resources were imported
      • The generated ones with the narrative instead of the git ones that are the source of truth
      • This has been fixed
    • Due to a timing issue, the FHIR resources for the R5 preview site were updated with their versions after the R4.0.1 versions were imported
      • Work is underway with Grahame to fix this in UTG
  • IG Publisher
    • Continued progress on adding Title to Naming System objects
  • Workflow
    • All known issues have been addressed
    • Voting status updates are done


General status and progress updates: