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Quorum = chair + 4yes/no
Co chairsxDavid HayxLloyd McKenzie
ex-officioxWayne Kubick, CTO

xHans BuitendijkxBrian PostlethwaitexPaul KnappxAnne W., scribe
xJosh MandelxJohn MoehrkexBrian PechxMelva Peters
xGrahame Grieve

xDave Hill

xBrian Phinney

xSandy Vance

xFrank McKinney

xPoojah Babbrah

xLynn Laakso

xSiama Rizvi

xLynn Laakso

xJessica Skopac

xBryn Rhodes



  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Check
  • Minutes from 2020-07-01 FMG Agenda/Minutes
    • MOTION to approve: Paul/Hans
    • VOTE: Hans abstains. Remaining in favor.
  • Action items
  • Review Items
    • sIRB FHIR IG Proposal
      • No representative present
      • Code: us/sirb
      • Content location must move to hl7
      • Short and long descriptions must be revamped to reflect the IG from a registry perspective, not the project perspective
      • Comfortable with the scope but can't approve the proposal without updates to the short and long descriptions
      • If they return next week with updates and example scenarios, they can go to ballot
    • FHIR Quality Measure Implementation Guide Publication Request 
      • Bryn here to represent the request. 
      • Reviewed errors/warnings. Bryn will suppress the messages where appropriate.
      • Discussion over what is appropriate to suppress. If the publisher removes them from the count and they are visually, easily ignorable in the list, it's fine not to suppress them.
      • Reviewed suppressed messages
        • MOTION to approve assuming error issues are dealt with: David/Paul
        • VOTE: All in favor
    • PACIO Project Functional Status PSS
      • Dave Hill here to represent the project. Is attempting to go to September ballot and is 
      • Remove FHIR Resources from product list and add extensions
      • Add project document repository URL
        • MOTION to approve: Paul/Grahame
        • VOTE: All in favor
    • PACIO Project Cognitive Status PSS
      • Remove FHIR resources
      • Fill in 3i - project document repository
        • MOTION to approve: Paul/Hans
        • VOTE: All in favor
    • Consumer-facing Real time Pharmacy Benefit Check Publication Request
      • Frank and Poojah here to review
      • Reviewed errors and warnings.
        • MOTION to approve: Paul/Hans
        • VOTE: All in favor
  • Discussion Topics
    • FHIR NIBs for September
      • Melva reports that there are three FHIR IGs with NIBs pending appeal by the TSC for late submission
    • Continued discussion: Timelines for next release of FHIR
      • Carry forward
  • ReportsAOB (Any Other Business)
    • Connectathon management (David/Brian)
    • Process management
          • The dates of the connectathon have been changed to 9/9-9/11
          • Feedback from the last virtual connectathon stated that we needed a way to connect the participants and their systems in advance. Sandy suggests people could give system information in the pre-connectathon survey and other communications. David suggests they develop a one-pager.
          • Discussion over the report-out template. Want to make sure we're collecting the info we need to approve things later. The participants list should not include observers if 3 participants are required. Grahame: If you intend for the connectathon to contribute towards maturity assessment, there should be a maturity assessment report-out that is separate from general connectathon report-out. Will need one for resources and one for IGs.
            • Sandy will work with Melva to develop a maturity assessment Connectathon report-out. 
    • Adjourned at 5:16 pm Eastern