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ManagementReview ANSI Anti-Trust Policy


PDex - US Core

Source PowerPoint: PDEXandUSCoreRelationship.pptx

Provider Directory 
  • Update on value sets, code sets
  • Update on query examples (e.g. Search criteria)

Examples - Query 20200628 V4.docx

PDEX Provenance

Preview to identify potential downstream information sharing by payers.

Work in Progress: Provenance for PDex-2020-06-03.xlsx 

PDex Provenance Scope:

The purpose of Provenance

Provenance of a resource is a record that describes entities and processes involved in producing and delivering or otherwise influencing that resource. Provenance provides a critical foundation for assessing authenticity, enabling trust, and allowing reproducibility

US Core has implemented a Provenance profile. The purpose of the profile is to cover:

the minimal (basic) information to support lineage of information. 

Payer Data Exchange Objectives for Provenance 

As payers exchange information with each other, with providers and with third party applications using PDex it is important that provenance is provided. The benefits to the Payer community in providing accompanying provenance resources are:

  • Identifying the payer as the “transmitter” and not the author of the majority of the information they provide
  • Enabling downstream users of the information to understand the source of the data when comparing information from different sources. 
  • Recording how claims information was received and, if relevant, converted to FHIR. 
  • As more healthcare organizations use and exchange information via FHIR more provenance records will be exchanged. Payers shall preserve and pass on provenance resources when exchanging FHIR records received from other sources.

What Provenance is NOT attempting to do

The Provenance resource is NOT attempting to trace every step of a claim’s journey from the originating provider to the payer.

As more provenance records are exchanged with information via FHIR it will be the sum of those provenance records that will provide the “chain of trust/confidence” and not the responsibility of a single organization to manage and assert the lineage of the information’s journey from originator to final recipient.

CARIN CPCDS to US Core Mapping

Latest draft CARIN CPCDS Mapping document: CARIN Mapping to FHIR interim 2020 0513.xlsx

DRAFT - PDEX US Core Mapping from CPCDS source: ResourceMappingUSCoreCPCDS-2020-05-29-v26.xlsx


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