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Project Scope


Project Status

Next Steps



Arlene Bierman
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Chris Melo
David Carlson
David Dorr
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George Dixon,
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Tolu Abidolgun 

Guest(s): Joe Jordan, Patti Ephrim, Renee Rookwood, Sandeep Soman, Miguel Vazquez, Marcel Salive, Craig Newman, James Ralston, Saire Haque, Shelly Spiro, Ravinder Chawla, Melissa Wei, Nancy Lush, Raquel Greer, Susy Postal, L. Marcial, Emily Morgan


General Updates

Will the MCC project join the virtual clinicians on FHIR event 

PCWG will discuss this event next Tuesday 5 PM eastern and want to invite the MCC project to be apart of the discussions

The Clinician on FHIR even will not be during the virtual connectathon. It will be the week after

The PCWG is interested in the using the MCC use case

Conference page for this event:

Action Items from the Presentation 

Project Tentative Schedule 

The schedule that will be updated can be found here

Next Steps for the Project

  • Facilitate Bi-weekly calls on the patient care work group meeting June to September 2020:
  • Next Meeting is July 8, 2020

–Meeting schedule:

  • Identify Connectathon participants
  • Initiate HL7 Virtual Connectathon planning
  • Complete Draft FHIR IG
  • Complete pilot version of the SMART on FHIR APP
  • Test at the September HL7 FHIR Virtual Connectathon

Next steps for stakeholders

  • Join the Patient Care Work Group Calls
  • Visit the two MCC eCare Plan confluence pages




Has the MCC project connected with the patient portal work ?

The MCC does plan to have a patient facing app right now the focus is the clinician facing app. Studies have shown that patients find a mobile app more helpful. But engaging the patient portal group may be helpful

Are there invites for these meetings?

The PCWG meeting does not have invites you have to manually add it to your calendar. It is weekly at 5 PM eastern. The MCC project meets on this call bi weekly. The next meeting will be July 8th.