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Management6/2 attendance needs to be added. Minutes Approval 6/9Attendance added.  6/2 approved
Bob DDa Vinci voting items (4). DTR, PDex, CDex, HRex (restrict to R4)

STU4 version.  Move all 4 guides to support R4 only. Bob D motion and Durwin D second. Abstain:0     Disapprove: 0  Approve: 17-0-0

Russ/Laurie B2 Dental NIBsNIB's: 1- US Realm C-CDA Dental exchange STU (1553) notes, Russ motioned, Jean N second: discussion Russ. Abstain:0  Disapprove: 0  Approved: 15-0-0  Russ submitted.  2- Dental Data Exchange  FHIR 3.1.0 US Realm (dental referral after result of consultation).  Russ motioned, Greg seconded.  no discussion. Abstain 1 Disapproved 0 Approve 14-0-1
Pat TaylorPDEX/CDPDE diagram changenot available
Laurie BCDAR2 AIG CCDAAttachment control number (solicited or unsolicited). InFullfilment of.  would like to keep control number for solicited and unsolicited instructions OID 2.16.840.1.113883.17.4 Provider Attachment 
AllOpen floor

 Adjourned at 3:32 PM EST