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SeqNameOptionalityDefinitionHL7 MappingImplementation guidanceComments
1Ordering provider addressRE-PHA, NF-HHS
The street information is not forwarded and sometimes the city (based on PHA request); state is forwarded (and zip is its own elemetn further down)
2Ordering provider phone numberRE-PHA, NF-HHS

3Ordering provider name and NPI (as applicable)RE-PHA, RE-HHSIf the ordering provider is not known, then the ordering facility should be included.ORC-12 / OBR-16

Ordering Provider Name is in ORC-12.2 / OBR-16.2 and ORC12.3 / OBR-16.3;

NPI would be ORC-12.1 / OBR-16.1; when populating ORC-12.1 / OBR-16.1 also populate ORC-12.9/OBR-16.9 as: "NPI&2.16.840.1.113883.4.6&ISO"
and ORC-12.13/OBR-12.13 as "NPI"

For some testing there may not be a specific ordering provider (e.g. employment related testing, mass screening) - it is a CLIA requirement so need to ensure that this is provided. 

What about ordering provider for home test (is covered through doctor office or on-line doctor who ordered).

For drive-thru it is possibly the Surgeon General or appropriate Medical officer

4Ordering provider zipRE-PHA, C-HHS

The zip code of the location where the ordering provider is located at the time of ordering.  

Condition: If patient is in a low density area this should not be forwarded to HHS.


5Date test ordered (date format)RE-PHA, RE-HHS
For the PH_HHS_ELR_Guidance_component this element will be RE
6Test ordered – use harmonized LOINC codes provided by CDCR-PHA, R-HHSThe test currently being reported to PHA as the test orderedOBR-4

LOINC is strongly recommended in ELR R1

Use the code from column "LOINC Order Code" and optionally description from colum "LOINC Order Code Long Name" in the CDC LIVD mapping file

The LIVD document in the link currently does not cover order LOINCs - that needs to be clarified by HHS