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MethodologyTentative Block Vote 7 planned next call

MethodologyGF ticket 25232Deferred to Conformance call
MethodologyGF 25244Defered to June 18

MMS: refer to OO, asking them to add suggested values to V2, so it aligns with FHIR. Paul Knapp  / Craig Newman


Add PV2-2 as a location for table 129 Craig Newman  / Sandra Stuart

MethodologyGF25245Deferred to Conformance call

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Minute Approval2020-05-21 InM WG Agenda/Minutes
Tentative Block Vote 7 planned
  • J#26201 open loop process1 (klsalzman) Persuasive with Modification
  • J#26200 open loop process (klsalzman) Persuasive with Modification
  • J#26199 Message Bundles2 (klsalzman) Considered - No action required
  • J#26182 Question: Out Of Scope: What is a trigger (ginocanessa) Persuasive with Modification
  • J#26177 Forwarding Content Question (ginocanessa) Considered for Future Use
  • J#26173 Question on Bundle Size (ginocanessa) Considered for Future Use
  • J#26153 is the HRex Coverage Profile still necessary (craig.newman) Considered - Question answered
  • J#26148 clarify intermediary role(s)2 (craig.newman) Persuasive with Modification
  • J#26143 clarify intermediary role(s) (craig.newman) Persuasive with Modification
  • J#26132 Unsolicted notifications should be limited to defined use cases and triggers (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive with Modification
  • J#26129 How is the intermediary going to determine what to remove1? (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive with Modification
  • J#26117 Contract agreement to establish triggering event (celine_lefebvre) Persuasivenext week

    1143Data Access Framework (DAF) FHIR Profile
    1530Abstract Transport Specification (ATS) update
    1542Version 2 Quality Criteria (PSS in Confluence)
    1392FHIRcast: Application Context Synchronization in FHIR
    1265Data Access Framework (DAF) FHIR Implementation Guide