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Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Decision Link(if not child)

Approve minutes from June 2nd

Meeting minutes Approved by general consensus

Co-chair nominations reminderSend in the co-chair nominations by COB June 15th
Joint with OO from this morning

Discussion regarding –

  1. Substance and SubstanceDefinition -
may need to
  1.  Hans Buitendijk will setup calls to understand how each of these resources are used.  Also need to clarify instances of a substance

2.  Health Care Product –

(Hugh, did not catch the discussion here.. Please EDIT) This

Current thinking is to develop a pattern that is valid across all forms of "product" rather than a new resource. This discussion is happening in Monday O&O afternoon meetings.  They are working at improving definitions and dealing with Jira tickets. BR&R members should consider joining to provide input. 

Projects from last week:
  • Are we interested?
  • Are these sorts of presentations a good use of time?

Is BR&R interested in the Multiple Chronic Conditions Dynamic Electronic Care Plan FHIR IG effort?

It was not clear about how BR&R use cases would align with this project.  The project mentioned pragmatic trials and if they are getting into defining the schedule of activities, then we would be interested in understanding that work.  This would be interest as a one off rather than an on-going updates.

Outcome Criteria Framework – are we interested in this effort.  If we are interested, the project has to do a report back on some schedule.  If BR&R decides to become a co-sponsor – we would have to give approvals for them to go to ballot. 

Hugh question – are these project presentations of interest to BR&R members or  do they take up valuable committee time?  Decision:  General awareness is good especially if there is overlapping interest.

Decision:  General consent – interested in Outcome Criteria Framework effort;  No further follow-up needed on the Multiple Chronic Condition effort.

CDISC Mapping PSS Rhonda Facile

CDISC is interested in seeing FHIR and CDISC SDTM and CDASJ aligns with FHIR resources.  Interested in enhancing the CDISC standards and provide input to FHIR.  Focusing on 8 domains for now.  This will be for  CDASH 2.1 and FHIR 4.1.  Rhonda has presented this to VULCAN project.  The intent is to ballot the artifacts of this material thru HL7 and CDISC.  Gevity has started working on the mapping effort. 

Rhonda has a draft PSS ready.  The PSS needs to be submitted to BR&R so it can be reviewed and approved by BR&R members. 

Action Item:  Rhonda will present the PSS on next week's call. 

Lab Mapping IG - Christi Denny

Sept. ballot did not get negative comments, but 3 comments from Mitra R (FDA) that need to be addressed. 

  1. The Overview typo comments are done. – DONE
  2. Second comment asked for referencing BRIDG – Christy has made this change. — DONE
  3. Third comment asked for the use cases to be mentioned in the Overview section rather than on the download page.  - DONE

Motion to move this forward to publication:

Catherine Hosage-Norman/ Rhonda Facile - Second

Motion Carried:  10-0-0

Action Item:  Christy to send the IG to Lloyd M

 Gemini SDPi+FHIR White Papers  Project Proposal

No-one with appropriate experience on the call - also past the deadline for comments so no further action.
Extension for non-clinical use of ProcedurePeter Bomberg - non-clinical use of Procedure resource will be supported. 

Next agenda topics

FHIR mappings to BRIDG, CDISC;  Device related discussion; PQ/CMC Jira trackers;  CDISC PSS Review