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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Decision Link(if not child)

Approve minutes from May 12th

Approved by consent

A joint OO/BR&R call has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 9, 10-11am ET to address joint topics in lieu of the WGM joint meeting.

  • Substance-SubstanceDefinition
  • Specimen for Research

Co-chair meeting update

  • FHIR R5 - maybe R4.1 
  • Use of Zoom

HL7 is committed to addressing the submitted balloting needs and will put the requested items on the January ballot, whether R5 or R4.1. Will identify the list of resources and who else may need them updated. 

Zoom not yet available, will continue using FCC, will put conference call information to the calling center.

Multiple Chronic Condition Dynamic Care Plan
Project presentation: Jenna Norton, Evelyn Gallego and Gay Dolin

Similar needs to access EHR data, to be addressed by BR&R and Vulcan.

Recommended to also work with CDISC as they have developed related standards, to align with clinical research activities.

Reference to FDA's work on end-stage rental disease (CRN).

CDISC Mapping PSS Rhonda Facile

Rhonda not on the call, will need to postpone 
Outcome Criteria Framework PSS) - Bob Dolin ...

Asking if BR&R would be interested in collaboration and co-sponsoring the IG, possibly through Vulcan.

Would need to prioritize projects among Vulcan clinical research objectives. The quality of data would also support the needs of the framework.

Will continue next week.

Lab Mapping IG - Christi DennyPostponed

 Gemini SDPi+FHIR White Papers  Project Proposal


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