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Implement Approved Proposal

  1. Overall description of what we will be doing here
    1. Get to approved proposal
    2. Merge the Git branch into the Git master
      1. may need to modify the utg.xml file
      2. may need to adjust others that will be merge conflicts
      3. view the diffs in the branch for utg.xml against the current master in Bitbucket (use not in sourcetree) to see if the file in the branch can be trashed or if it must be merged on and element by element basis with the master
      4. Document the change in the history bundle for the changes by creating a new bundle for the approval package (or appending this entry to another in-progress history bundle)
      5. Update the local branch content with the history updates and any resolutions to merge conflict issues
      6. Do a local build to verify that local content is good
      7. Update the Git branch with the updated local content
      8. Them do the merge to the Git master
      9. wait for master git build to complete and check that the version and the changes are in the new published build
      10. remove the Published Example URL value
      11. Look into what needs to happen to remove the built branch in if the merge does not automagically clean it up
      12. Leave the Bitbucket branch in the ticket (the merge got rid of the mirrored Git branch)
      13. We need to research the proper way to clean up the Bitbucket if needed
      14. Move the proposal to completed in UPSM
      15. Verify that proposal completed looks good in the UP machine
  2. Receive email notification that proposal has been approved and has been queued
  3. Click to navigate to Jira proposal in UPSM machine (different Issue ID)
  4. Transition to queue
  5. Check everything ready to merge the branch
  6. Edit the utg.xml <version> and release label for the update
  7. Commit and push the changes to the Git branch
  8. Wait for build to complete
  9. If build fails, debug and deal with error
  10. Check that rendered update is good
  11. Transition ticket to Completed state