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Chair: Debi Willis Virginia Lorenzi

Scribe: Dave deBronkart





Virginia Lorenziy
Debi Willisy
LLoyd McKenziey
Rachel Richessony

Mikael Rinnetmäki

Nancy Lush
Lisa Nelson
Dave deBronkarty
Jan Oldenburgy
Marie Moeny
Abigail Watsony
John Moehrke
John Keyesy
Terrie ReedTerrie Reed
Jose Costa Teixeira
Bart Carlson


Agenda Outline

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

(10 min)

Welcome newcomers

Approval of this Agendayes

Prior call Minutes approvalyes

co-chair nominations and electionsSend nominations to: by June 15. 

Other updates:
  • Dave: Final status of Patient Innovator Track at Virtual DevDays
  • Debi - job opening: The Assistance Fund in DC is looking for a Director of Pt Advocacy.
  • Virginia confirmed that our mission & charter are approved
  • Jan: the PACIO demo (post-acute care plan) from the Connectathon is being polished and will be out soon - we should all see it. (Connects also to Gravity (SDOH) and Care Plan)

CARIN "My Health Application" project announcement (all FHIR using apps)

Jan: CARIN has published a curated list of patient facing apps that have attested to the CARIN Code of Conduct.

Here's Virginia's Zulip post with the following links: 

Note: ALL APPS IN THE GALLERY SUPPORT FHIR, according to Ryan in that thread.

PE WG projects

Patient Corrections project

  • Our proposal for Patient Corrections has been accepted!
    Next step: Project Scope Statement. Leads: Debi, Abigail
    • "Given that Patients have access to the data in an EHR, when the Patient discovers an error in the medical record, then the patient needs a method of communicating the error so that it can be addressed, so that the medical record can be corrected to prevent future health and safety concerns."

Patient-Contributed Data project 
Leads: Maria D. Moen and Jan Oldenburg

For more efficient layout I'm moving these lengthy notes to below this table.

Our projectsFuture call:
John to present CBCP for Consents
or Lisa to present Care Planning
John will present on Consents 6/4/2020
Other WGs' project proposals that we might follow

DID NOT GET TO THIS - carry it forward:

Others' project proposals: example from Debi - "Account, Payments, and Statements" - 

Accounts, Payments and Statements Project Scope Statement

See heading 2a, "Primary/Sponsor WG"

Note, this is a project SCOPE statement, not the brief Project Proposal

Which should we be following?

How do we spot them and what do we do?

How do you-all do this in other groups?

Adjournment2:13 pm

Discussion of Patient-Contributed Data

Now we need to create something similar for Patient-Contributed Data. Starter text from our Priorities document: