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Roll CallMP
  •  Wayne Kubick
  •  David Johnson
  •  Lorraine Constable
  •  Tony Julian
  •  Lloyd McKenzie
  •  Ted Klein
  •  Jean Duteau
  •  Josh Procious
  •  Marc Duteau
  •  Andrew Statler
  •  Dave Hamill
  •  Jessica Snell
  •  Patrick Loyd
  •  Melva Peters
  •  Austin Kreisler 
  •  Lynn Laakso
Ballot ProjectLM/MP
  • Completed changes to ballot import process to make non-FHIR dependent
  • Currently testing and debugging
  • Management groups working on files
  • A couple of weeks away from being able to create Specification Feedback projects
  • Issues with import of ballot spreadsheet (from FM)
    • Address the spreadsheet input consistency issues.
    • Manual intervention: manual corrections to make sure the information would load. ballot name correct, summary statement for every row, emails correct, 
    • PUT THE JIRA Rules in the spreadsheet for edits when individuals doing initial ballot comments. 180 comments, 16 hours of effort. 6 hours of back and forth with Lloyd.
Webmaster's ReportDJ/JPDJ: I may be unable to be on this call.  I will try to call in but will be out-of-town moving my daughter back from school.
    • There is an issue with the use of spreadsheet
      • how do we help co-chairs and projects to work through the issues
      • there is documentation on how to manage issues, but the issue is related to the accuracy of information in the spreadsheet
      • With JIRA balloting will transfer issues to the submitters, but there will be issues if commenters try to use spreadsheet
      • What kind of help should we give to co-chairs and projects?
    • This mechanism will be available once we move to JIRA Balloting - there will be issues when submitters can't get spreadsheet loaded in time for the ballot closing
      • this will be voluntary - but submitters (in particular organizations) may choose to continue to use them
    • Spreadsheets are an issue
      • Wayne will discuss with EC - need to communicate widely and find a way to support co-chairs/projects
        • need to figure out a plan for handling this long term with JIRA balloting
      • Melva will look at documentation to see what changes could be made
      • Wayne will raise on Co-chair webinar on Monday
Webmaster's ReportDJ/JP
  • There is a request from Conformance to create repositories in HL7 GitHub space.  I've been working with Lloyd concerning naming convention and whether the repositories should be created or Confluence could be used.  Lloyd has a copy of the email thread outlining the request.
    • they want to use Github for files - V2 datatype profiles
      • could be done as structured definitions in a FHIR repository once we move V2 to FHIR
  • started a project to look at where documents should be stored that need source control
    • should this be a single Git Project or individual projects
    • distinguish projects that contain internal things vs those that contain content for implementers
  • Create guidance on how we structure the repositories in GitHub and naming conventions

JIRACon Project

  • Gforge License
    • do we have to upgrade to renew? Yes, we will have to upgrade
    • stats on usage - Melva will reach out to Lynn
  • Current Size
    • Confluence >30Gb
    • Gforge >45 Gb
  • Confluence timezone calendar - fixed
  • Confluence calendars - Melva will work with Lynn and Josh to look at what can be done to make it easier
    • Links between calendars
    • Which calendar should be used for which purpose
    • Announcements to membership for conference calls - need to be on HL7 Conference Centre
  • Archiving Gforge documents/SVN
  • Confluence/JIRA permissions clean upup 
STU Comment Jira MigrationMP
  • on hold until Specification Feedback Projects created
  • Melva will check with Don to see if he wants a project in Dev to do testing on
Gforge Tracker Jira MigrationMP
  • Decision Tree - JIRA, Confluence, GitHub - will discuss on Webinar on Monday
  • Process for JIRA project requests has been defined
  • Looking at guidance on Communication Tools Documentsand Documents
  • Have confirmed which Gforge trackers need to migrate to JIRA - only a handful
UTG ProjectTK
  • No tickets have been created since training this week
  • Minor issues with roles in workflow to be resolved
  • Working with groups to update material and run things through consensus process
  • Working on education plan
  • Plan on going live in July
  • Ballot bound vocabulary - Ted still working on this and wiring in to the workflow
    • will be working on in the next couple of months
  • There are some items that have been moved from FHIR to UTG maintenance ecosystem
    • have to make changes in both places to make sure they show up in both places
    • discussion underway 
    • for now, asking people to notify Ted of changes being made in FHIR for codesystems and valuesets
  • requests for external vocabulary coming in through FHIR Specification Feedback - ideally can reject but for now will assign to Vocabulary
  • Voting mechanism - moving forward with current mechanism as have not had response from SGB
    • need process to appoint and approve groups - needs to be done for once pilot is finished
Parking LotWK/JPBallot bound vocabulary -
  • 508 Compliance - in IG templates - should we do this in the templates we publish
Announcements / AdministrationMP