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    Health Data Inc
    Frank McKinney

    Duteau Design

    Riverrock Associates

    MD Partners

    Minutes Approved as Presented 

    This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

    Previous Meeting: 2020-05-21 Meeting Minutes/Agenda

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    Agenda Outline

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    Minutes Approval

    Migration to Zoom:

    • After today's meeting, CGP has access to a shared Zoom account. We have signed up to use this account for our Tuesday weekly 11-12 ET Military Health calls and our every other Thursday CGP WG calls.
    • Call details: (Password:  HL7Zoom02##   case sensitive)

    Co-chair elections - nominations open until June 15, 2020


    1. New Project Scope Statements for January ballot must be approved and submitted by June 5.
    2. Notices for Intent to Ballot (NIB) for September ballot are required by July 5.
    3. This CGP call returns to a bi-weekly schedule with the next call on June 11, 2020.

    Brett MarquadMarquard/Ioana Singureanu move to approve minutes from 5/21. 8-0-0 approved

    Marketplace Product Packaging Project

    Status on Marketplace Product Packaging Project

    Awaiting further feedback from Preston Lee regarding next steps, updates, and when specific group meetings will be held. Currently delayed due to Logica activities for COVID-19


    Military History Project

    Report from Military History Project team

    The team is working on implementing the FHIR IG using FHIR Shorthand.  


    The group met with the Lighthouse project. The OMB industry codes will work. Representing reserve and national guard service as one code works. Investigating questions about Z segment. Investigating use of one base profile for details with respect to previous and current status. Some profile components are missing LOINC codes - will be highlighted and missing concepts requested for addition to SNOMED-CT. The team is also investigating changes from "honorable" discharge for VA status but "dishonorable" discharge for benefits. Discussions are ongoing.  Sean will be creating the basic publication version.  Ioana will publish the report of the current status including answers from the Lighthouse project.  

    For details, see updates to confluence page: Military Service History and Status FHIR Profiles Project Page

    US Core Methodology

    Road to US Core Discussion

    For consideration on the May 28, 2020: Additional US Core FHIR Trackers (Frank McKinney) regarding Real-Time Pharmacy Benefit Check (RTPBC) Implementation Guide - variance for profiles regarding Patient and MedicationRequest (see Tracker links bullet below). 

    Follow up errata for US Core:

    1. USCDI (vital sign percentiles):  FHIR-27542 - Missing USCDI vs Head Occipital-frontal Circumference Percentile (Birth - 36 months) TRIAGEDUSCDI: 
    2. Potentially relaxing "must support" for some items such as race and ethnicity. By requiring race and ethnicity, we might be be requiring unnecessary information in all transmissions. Relaxing the "must support" will allow more flexibility. USCDI requires ability to support race and ethnicity. US Core purpose is broader than USCDI.

    Current expectations: Expecting errata package for US Core toward the end of June 2020 for a 2-week comment period followed by a vote for approval and publication in early July 2020.

    Frank McKinney explained the rationale for creating specific profiles that relax some of the must support constraints in US Core profiles. One option is to state the profile is "not collecting" the element and therefore remains conformant. The other side of the equation is that if such elements are sent, the receiver does not need to accept them. If the element is not collected, then receivers should not be receiving them for the use case. As USCDI is applied, requirements are a "must" for EHR systems but the use case is about specific interchange for requesting pharmacy benefits.

    The WG had robust discussion about the issues and reviewed the tracker links. There was general agreement with relaxing race and ethnicity but the other elements require further discussion. No topics were resolved during this call.  The items will be reviewed for resolution on the June 11, 2020 call.

    US Core Tracker items reviewed and resolved on this call:

     - US Core Procedure includes reference to CDT in text; add as value set - Brett Marquard/Rob McClure: 8-0-0

     - Add head circumference percentile profile -  Brett Marquard/Rob McClure: 8-0-0

     - remove "must support" constraint for CLIA - Brett Marquard/Rob McClure: 8-0-0

     - Pediatric vital signs should include referenced growth chart - Brett Marquard/Rob McClure: 8-0-0


    The meeting was adjourned at 2:05 PM ET. The next meeting of the CGP full WG will be on June 11 using the new Zoom shared account (as noted above).

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