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Micky TripathiArgonautx
Katiya ShellGravityx
Viet NguyendaVincix
Steve BrattCodexx
Ryan HowellsCARIN Alliancex
Wayne KubickHL7 CTOx
Chuck JaffeHL7 CEOx
Karen van HentenryckHL7x
Austin KreislerHL7 - TSC Chairx
Melva PetersHL7x


  • FHIR Accelerator Home on Confluence
  • FHIR Connectathon Calendar
  • Accelerator Support - Ken's Role

Meeting Notes

  • Support for Accelerators
    • Micky described the original intent to have a single navigator from HL7 to allow accelerators to check in with HL7 and provide project alignment and coordination advice
    • Ken McCaslin was in this role
    • each of the Accelerators has put someone into this role that is familiar with HL7
    • Question of whether the process facilitator is still needed going forward
    • Ryan identified that there are still issues in understanding processes and in some cases are getting incorrect answers from Work Groups
      • still need this role, but not sure about the frequency and timing of meetings
      • terminology assistance may be needed
      • They need a process so they can get help when they need it
    • Wayne suggested that it may not be one role, but a combination of roles that can provide advice on different things - process, terminology, connectathons
    • Austin suggested there may still be a need for help with onboarding
    • Will continue to review what is needed
  • Review of Accelerator Home Space - FHIR Accelerator Home
    • Re-organization has been done to make it easier to find information
    • There is a button on the top of the page to allow anyone to add requests for updates to the page
    • Have been suggesting that HL7 Work Group co-chairs review the page as there is useful information on it
  • Program Plan
    • Suggested that a high level program plan be created for each Accelerator to give Work Groups visibility into projects that may come their way
    • a template in Confluence has been created and are asking each Accelerator to create an annual program plan
    • discussion of where it should be posted - FHIR Accelerator page vs on Accelerator Space (in public facing space) with a link from the FHIR Accelerator Home
    • Melva and Wayne to discuss and send out details on next steps
  • FHIR IG Timeline
    • generic timeline was created
    • Viet suggested that a timeline with specific dates for next ballot cycle be created
      • Melva will work on and post
  • FHIR Community Events
  • Support for mailing lists, CRM - Steve Bratt
    • discussion of what Accelerators are using and what can be provided by HL7
    • Need for accessible reports to show who's signed up for listservs
    • Wayne indicated there is work underway to provide guidelines and best practices for how best to communicate - so we use the same tools consistently on similar scenarios
    • can create a Accelerator Listserve (or project-level Listserv), but need to sort out being able to schedule calls through the conference center
  • Common Connectathon - Viet
    • There may be an opportunity to share resources for Accelerator Connectathons; 
    • Accelerators should post potential other connectathons to new FHIR Community Calendar in case other Accelerators would also want to pool resources and participate or schedule special joint connectathons
  • Common location for Reference Implementations - Ryan
    • daVinci uses Github Repository
      • also consider partnering with Logica or others (Boston Children's CHIP) for sandboxes
      • Need to consider what's necessary to qualify FHIR implementations for organizations or states (a topic to discuss with ONC Inferno team)
  • Terminology challenges are increasing; may need to identify terminology facilitators to help with these issues

Next Meeting

  • June 8th at 1pm Eastern
  • Karen will send out invite for the 2nd Monday of each month