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HL7 PIC Meeting Minutes

Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 379807

Date: 2020 05 05
Time: 3 PM Eastern


: Ken

Note taker(s)

 - Ken






Sandy Stuart (Co-Chair)

Kaiser Permanente


Ken Rubin (Co-Chair)


Karen Van Hentenryck



Wayne Kubick


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Quorum Requirements Met:  No



Agenda Topics

Given lack of quorum, and informal catch-up session was conducted.  Highlights appear below.

  1. Approve Minutes of last call 
  2. Compendium on Best Practices for Virtual Meetings?        The concept of pulling together a set of best-practices for Virtual meetings was discussed, with the potential for PIC to put out a call for recommendations or a survey to collect and publish ideas to other workgroups.  We will pull together a short questionnaire, send to the PIC list ,and then promulgate across HL7.  Note that this will not be limited to real-time meetings or virtual events, but rather virtual/distributed work in general.
  3. DMP open items.  Did not discuss.
  4. Co-Chair Handbook Open Items.  Did not discuss.
  5. Briefing Template Usage Post-Mortem (Wayne).  An adapted version of the template was used for the co-chair status update to success.  The template will be institutionalized and used for briefings for the next few cycles.  The experience that having a consistent format was a positive one, thought some adjustments will be made to fine-tune to HL7 content requirements. 
  6. Conference Call Schedule - Ken Rubin to send out doodle poll to see if we can get a better time.
  7. New Business. –  None.
  8. Adjournment. –


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