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Tools for implementation & testing are not only fundamental to the adoption & success of SDPi+FHIR but ...


The sections below identify tooling-related resources and discussion topics.   

For additional content and community exchanges, see also the Community Engagement & Stacks of Useful Stuff pages

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What Lays Below ...

Table of Contents

From Narratives to Requirements to Plug-and-Trust - Tooling for a New Level of Testability & Rigor

The intent of the Gemini SDPi+FHIR program is to establish a new level of requirements detail and traceability from user narratives to use cases to requirements that are expressed in a clear, concise and TESTABLE ASSERTION form that can be mapped and traced through all the way to the interoperable "plug-n-trust" interface that is tested.  Establishing a set of specification formats and supporting tool chain is the challenge.  

This  discussion slide deck details the approach being developed for this program:

View file
nameSDPi-FHIR Testing Tooling - Strategy Proposal 2020-07-06A.pdf

Note:  Updated 2020-07-06A

See Narratives to Plug-n-Trust: Capture & Traceability & V&V & CA for a more detailed discussion.

RI+MC+RR for MedTech Specifications Initiative

During the January 2021 review of areas that should be advanced in this Gemini SES MDI program, three linked areas were identified as key opportunities for the work, as initially indicated in the 2021 Year 3 Update presentation:

RIRequirements Interoperability –  Ability to integrate & automate requirements and capabilities from component specifications & standards to enable traceability & coverage at CA of the component product interface

MC Model Centric – Transition from a document-centric to a computable model-based "single source of truth" specification from which the Technical Framework becomes a view of the model

RR Regulatory Ready – Enable CA test reports that are genuinely "regulatory submission ready" (e.g., inclusion in a U.S. FDA 510(k) submission package)

A set of confluence sandbox discussion pages have been created to support discussions and short-fuse pilot projects for these interlinked areas, including

Conclusions from these short term pilots - anticipated for end of "Summer" 2021 (Northern Hemisphere!) will directly impact the SDPi Supplement (1.0) specification as well as the processes and tooling utilized within the Gemini SES MDI program in general.

SDPi+FHIR Specification Tooling

<add tooling stuff from above "inspiring narratives" discussion slide deck>

Reference Implementation / Open Source Resources

<add from white paper and subsequent discussions>

Test Tooling Resources

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Roadmap & Team Collaboration

CA & Tooling Support Roadmap

  1. Develop an SDC / SDPi Conformity Assessment & Tool Chain Strategy
  2. Roadmap pathway to IHE EU CAT '20 & IHE NA CAT '21 
  3. Roadmap pathway to IHE CA of SDC/SDPi products 

Development Status

  1. <include general updates per roadmap above>

Team Participants

The following individuals have requested to be included in the CA & Tooling Team:

NOTE:  Team participants who are also registered HL7 Confluence users  be able to comment and add content.

Team Discussion Notes

Older CA & Tooling meeting notes are available at Gemini CA Meeting Notes Archive

titleGemini SDPi+FHIR CA & Tooling Team Discussion Notes

NOTE:  Add most recent discussions first.

Gemini CA 2022-02-17 Meeting

Gemini CA 2022-02-03 Meeting

NOTE:  2022.01.06 Meeting & 2022.01.20 Meetings CANCELED due to holidays .& WGMs

Gemini CA 2021-12-16 Meeting

NOTE:  2021.12.02 Meeting CANCELED due to meeting conflicts including PAT #6!!!

Gemini CA 2021-11-18 Meeting

Other related web meeting discussion notes are captured on the SDPi+FHIR Meeting Logs & Notes page.

titleGemini SDPi+FHIR CA & Tooling Tasks Report

Task report