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ManagementAgenda Review and Minutes Approval
  • Elections are open - please vote
    • If you haven't received your electionrunner email yet contact Linda at HQ and she can send you a link for voting
  • ELR guidance update 

    We have received informal word that HHS/CDC is preparing updated ELR guidance that we understand will be using the guidance developed over the last few weeks.  While not formal, we believe we can start working towards that guidance, particularly with an initial focus on AOE, but effectively all components.  Stay tuned for official word from HHS/CDC that may include further updates that we are not aware of.

MethodologyNew Project Proposal - FHIR profiles for ICSR Submissions (Jean Duteau) - 5 min
  • FDA/IBM project related to detecting adverse events
  • They have created some profiles for adverse event detection
    • 1 set of profiles are values sets 
    • the other set is for VAERS (vaccination) and FAERS (transfusions) reporting
  • This will be published as a FHIR IG
  • They are looking for PH to sponsor the project
  • BR&R will be notified as well
  • Jean was encouraged to use the new project proposal process (Project Proposals Home)

Vital Records Domain Analysis Model - May 2020 Ballot Reconciliation - 20min (AMS)


There is still one outstanding issue in block #2 that AbdulMalik and Craig will meet offline to discuss before bring it back to the group

Motion to approve Block #3 as proposed (AbdulMalik Shakir/Craig Newman 17-0-0)


CDA Birth Defect Reporting STU comment dispositions (Craig Newman) -10 min

Notification of the proposed dispositions was sent to the listserv 2-3 weeks ago

Not requests to pull any comments for further discussion

Motion to approve the dispositions as proposed (Craig Newman/AbdulMalik Shakir 17-0-0)


 FHIR Immunization ticket (Craig Newman) - 15 min

Jira proposals May 2020.pptx


The suggestion is to enhance Immunization.vaccineCode to allow a reference to Medication in addition a CodeableConcept (eg CVX or SNOMED code)

This would bring it in line with MedicationAdministration but would add complexity for no clear purpose

Jose, John H. and Craig discussed with this with the FHIR-I workflow group last Monday and their suggestion was to leave vaccineCode as it is but make a few other documentation enhancements

Proposed Disposition of Not Persuasive with Mod:

  • No change - leave .vaccineCode as it is
    • There is no compelling evidence that the immunization community is tracking inventory in a way consistent with providing an option to use Medication
    • We don’t want to create complexity for the sake of consistency between resources
  • Update the Immunization resource narrative (Boundaries and Relationships) to make the link between the usage of manufacturer, lot number and expiration date in Immunization with the use of the elements in Medication
  • Within the Immunization resource, leave the lot number and expiration date elements as they are defined, but move them up in the list of elements to be more proximal to vaccineCode 
  • Add usage notes to vaccineCode to indicate that it can be used at a wide level of granularity, from the most general (eg. A CVX code like “flu” to a very specific product identifier (such as an NDC))

Motion to accept the proposed disposition (Craig Newman/Chrissy Miner 16-0-1)

MethodologyCOVID vaccine preparedness

The American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) and CDC are proactively working on interoperability guidance that may be needed to support the triaging and administration of COVID vaccine once it becomes available

They are looking at how lab results (particularly serology) may play a role in prioritizing individuals for vaccination and how CDC guidance on priority groups (eg healthcare works have prioritization for vaccines) could be exchanged to help support CDS 

Some of this may come back through HL7 but this guidance may be published separately

MethodologyVRDR FHIR IG update

AbdulMalik met with the US Realm group to discuss why US Core wasn't used everywhere in the VRDR FHIR IG

The discussion was productive and he has opened some Jira tickets to describe some of the issues he found

 Adjourned at 16:40 Eastern

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