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Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval - 5 min.Last week's minutes have been updated during the week based on feedback received via e-mail; no further updates requested today, so the minutes are considered approved as printed.
Vital Records IG publication (Mead Walker) - 20 min.
  • STU2 ballot reconciliation completed Nov. 2019
  • Publication requested in Jan., but held until after IHE Connectathon
  • Some concerns came out that Connectathon to necessitate additional updates:
    • update some value sets (removing observation identifiers that aren’t applicable)
    • update flows (e.g., consolidating Vital Records Office actor with EDRS actor)
  • Can this be updated in the current version to be published? Or does it need to be reballoted?
    • WG agreed to treat like a dot release as if it had been published in Jan.;
      • announce specific updates to listserv / ballot pool
      • if no objections, then incorporate in published version
      • notify V2 Mgm’t. Group
VRDR FHIR IG Publication Request Approval (AbdulMalik Shakir) - 10 min.
  • publication request went out to WG for review during April 16th call
  • several comments were provided (as discussed on the April 30th call)– most have been addressed now
  • there are still a couple unresolved comments from Sarah regarding technical issues
    • some profiles are not based on US-Core (which causes warnings in the publication tool)
    • warnings about PHINVADS references – the publication tool cannot "expand" this value set because it's an external link
  • some discussion regarding US-Core
    • Lori says the warnings can be ignored if the WG approves that US-Core adoption is not necessary
    • IHE community has expressed some concern about US-Core adoption because it includes requirements that may not always be applicable
    • Da Vinci has expresses similar concenrs
  • AdbulMalik moved (second: Sarah) for WG approval to move forward with IG without US-Core adoption (except for Patient resource) – approved 20-0-0
  • Publication approval will be tabled until the other publication warnings are resolved
    • AbdulMalik will send a notice to the listserv that the content is finalized but technical issues to be resolved by next week
    • AdbulMalik and Sarah to work off-line on the technical issues

Immunization IG Discussion (Alean Kirnak) - 25 min.

  • summary of current state:
    • will create statement of problem we're trying to solve
    • will socialize with CDC, AIRA, and the IIS community
    • any new treatment of ADTs will align with existing implementations and will be modeled after IHE profiles PIX and PDQ
  • continued review of merge / link / unlink use cases
    • merge creates a single surviving record; there is no "unmerge"
    • link keeps both records but ties them together – can be unlinked
    • some receiving systems may not support link and may respond to a link request by merging