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  • Call to Order

  • Approve Meeting Minutes

  • JIRA
Discussion around FHIR spec, UTG, and balloting are working or not.  Working through issues with FHIR spec project.

  • Confluence
Confluence has been updated to 7.2.2 which fixes the page template error.

  • Website

HL7 trademark request forms - logo, or powered by HL7/FhIR.

Vulcan accelerator project page.

  • New PSS Process Updates
.Josh & Melva are working on updating documentation, created 3 how to videos for this effort, expected to roll out in next few weeks.

829054702020-04-28 Meeting notes
  • Amazon Hosting Topics
Nothing new to report.

  • Project 1370: Tooling Catalog
Nothing to report.

  • Liaisons Update

Andrew reports there are questions from Structured Docs migrated about migrating to JIRA.  What documents should be migrated? Normative comments?

This has not  yet been migrated and needs to be addressed.

  • Publishing
Motion to accept the name change to Publishing, Electronic Services & Tooling. Andrew/Elizabeth vote - 7 - 0 -1 (Approved)

  • Work Group Health


Dave Hammill still working on using shared Zoom accounts.

Likely we will use Zoom for the next PEST call.

  • Adjourn
Next call May 12 at 2 PM EDT.