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April 17th, 2020 DRAFT



  1. Call to order

Attending: Nathan, Michael, Rob, Reed
Out of Office: https: //
<<Reference: Susan Matney, Carie Hammond, Richard Ettema, Michael Brody, Sheryl Turney (Anthem), Barbara Bellione, Nathan Davis, Michael Warshaw, Reed Gelzer, Mario Hyland, Susan Young (Anthem), Linda McSmith, Joshua Budman, Gary Dickinson, Dyane Tower, Greg Zeller, Wendy Gereke, Robert Katz, Bruce Davey>>

  1. Updates: September Ballot, September Connectathon (Reed)
    1. Due TSC April 19 Call upcoming Monday 11AM to answer questions.
    2. Current FHIR IG needs mods-meeting with AEGIS pending
      1. Vocabulary
      2. Changes in mapping
    3. PSS
    4. Build site:


  1. Looking to next-Building on the (limited) SWA,
    1. New Clinical Quality Measures (Proposed) relating to this work: Report from PIMMs Monday April 13th Call went well, tweaks ongoing into Pending decision September for incorporation into QPP 2021
    2. Reducing the Connectathon "Ask" for Baltimore How to reduce for adaptation to limited EHR vendor bandwidth-pending.
    3. Back Burner: Work Delays due to SARS Cov2 impact
      1. Use Case instantiating new elements for supporting multiple wounds (pending)
      2. Capturing treatment as procedures (CPT/HCPCS crosswalk) Treatment (Nathan) as Procedures
      3. Normalizing Measurement as part of next step? (Michael, Susan, Dr. Armstrong, Rob)
      4. Existing inventory of clinical parameters' existence in SNOMED, id gaps, Rob's started that.
      5. CDS initiative Ex: Non-healing wounds.
          1. Ex: IF not healing THEN (next steps per references culture wound/biopsy/other treatment modalities)
          2. CDS WG contact (Reed) Engage for next PSS
      6. Trends over Time
        1. We have initial items from Tissue Analytics
        2. Others from Clinicians, PICA, ARANZ? PENDING
        3. Of interest to Radiology
      7. DigSign
      8. Co-morbidities
      9. Social Determinants-No stakeholder at present.
      10. PriorAuth-still awaiting F/U CMS, Anthem


  1. Tasks-reconfigured
    1. Team revision of the SOW for the next 6 months to include collaborations with other CIMI projects
      1. Elevating trends over time
      2. Evaluating a potential COVID-pertinent scenario with Radiology
    2. Team revision, simplification of the Connectathon LE SWA scenario to limit tasks and costs

  1. Tasks Pended
      1. Wound Care Case Studies
      2. Scenarios on multiple concurrent wounds and one or more "recurrence"
      3. CPT/HCPCS crosswalk: Michael already working on a draft Rob Katz
      4. Incorporating different measurement/staging scales for Wound Measurement Staging-How can we facilitate "normalization" around those? How to incorporate? Part of next PSS? PENDING Michael, Susan, Dr. Armstrong to collaborate on this as team.

NOTE: Of interest for pandemic projects Logica FHIR 4.0 IG SARS Cov-2 Reporting

  1. Adjourn-Next meeting April 24th