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Project, etc, of interestEngage with:Interested people and the priority they gave it (1=top)Project lead/s
These two priorities have existing WGs with whom we'll engage:
Care Planning

Patient Care



These two are new to HL7 - we'll create Project Proposals, and if they're approved we'll create Project Scope Statements (PSS): see How to Create a PSS from Template 

NEW version ::::::>  Project Proposals Home

Corrections to errors in the record

As always in HL7 this is not about the sociological processes, it's about the data elements required to enable a corrections workflow.

Patient-Contributed Data 

This is intentionally distinct from existing terms such as PGHD (patient-generated health data). Patient-contributed data can include observations, preferences, goals, anything that comes from the patient side of the clinical relationship.

Jan Oldenburg Maria D. Moen