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  • Call to Order

Brian Pech  called meeting to order

  • Approve Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:05 PST unanimously 

  • JIRA

Joshua Procious , work is being done on IDs to on name conversions; tasks about to be completed later in the week regarding PSS projects and consolidation of projects and inactivation of the unused ones. 

  • Confluence

Joshua Procious Bug found in the current version of Confluence, and Joshua Procious will be applying a patch to correct it. 

  • Website

Laura Mitter working on the logo landing page, lots of  HL7 webinars are upcoming.

  • New PSS Process Updates

Joshua Procious is looking for pilot volunteers from HL7 co-chairs. Joshua Procious is open to interested parties who would like to participate. Melva Peters is the project lead..

  • Amazon Hosting Topics
@David is working on the terminology of the HL7 server. More front end updates will be made based upon the IG builds.

  • Project 1370: Tooling Catalog

  • Liaisons Update

  • Publishing

Brian Pech has heard unofficially from another co chairs that the TSC may be generally supportive of the merger of our two groups (Publishing and EST).  They may request we change our name of the newly merged group to Visual Services. 

TSC has asked us to clean up the standards grid as part of the agile Standards Task Force. Older Standards Version 3, and related standards are considered "static" (some V2 standards as well) that may be coming up for renewal. 

Part of our clean up may include being responsible for tracking these older "static" standards artifacts. 

Brian Pech will get back to Austin Kreisler about these well as the suggested name change that might include the word "Publishing" as @Dave suggested. 

Brian Pech added to the name and suggests "Publishing and Digital Services"

  • Work Group Health


We will have to ask Dave Hamill  in the future where we will fall as far as migrating to the Zoom platform as a group. Seven groups have migrated to Zoom.

A suggestion was made to have a tip sheet and FAQS...both on the HL7 Main Confluence page.

We have hit a "snag" obtaining additional Zoom professional licenses. 

It was suggested that we acquire 5 more licenses for the "heavy" work groups

ETS should be one of the first to pilot the new (shared) Zoom accounts. 

It is hoped that several groups will be utilizing the shared Zoom accounts by the end of April. 

Security concerns exist. It may be okay to use the Zoom Browser version, but not acceptable to download the Zoom executable. 

FHIR Dev days are going virtual. Brian Pech indicated that more details may be forthcoming. 

Joshua Procious discussed the FHIR WIKI migration. Lloyd McKenzie reached out and Joshua Procious created a list of pages that have already been moved to the WIKI. He has a list of additional pages requiring migration. 

Joshua Procious discussed the Connectathon site. New events are being published on Confluence....on the FHIR pages. 

Zoom support link:

Other business: none noted.

  • Adjourn

Brian Pech 11;25 PStT

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