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Connections between the Gravity Project


and COVID-19 



National Call on Coronavirus and
COVID-19 HMIS Setup and Data Sharing:
Using SDOH data to identify high-risk populations
for COVID-19 interventions and quarantine:
Social Interventions Research & Evaluation Network (SIREN) COVID-19 Resource Page

Gravity SDOH COVID-19 Response Blog

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Blog Posts

Connections between Gravity's food insecurity work and COVID-19 

Connections between National SDOH and COVID-19 


Marissa, we should divide the posting into sections and let them know the labels to use  for example: 

Articles, resources, question, and comments related to the COVID-19 pandemic and Gravity's Domain work (Housing and Food insecurity),

Articles  questions and comments related to COVID-19 pandemic and Social Determinants and Health equity

Articles, questions, and comments  related to the COVID-19 and standards development response to COVID-19 

Add a blog post that shares the HL& response page and zulip chat