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John Rhoads (Philips)

Meeting Notes

  (R. Khaly and J. Rhoads)

Prior meetings:

Review of SDC Domain model and what FHIR provides


SDC Measurement validity cross reference review

Image Modified

Device Status & Relationship in connection to Domain Resources


Invalid = unreliable (measurement not sent)

Invalid = inerror

(mapping correlation table from Kathrin Riech,

Meta Security (Can look in to interpretation)

Measurement status hanging on attributes

(IEEE 11073-10201 bits and mapping to dataAbsentReason and Interpretation fields, Stefan Karl PoCD Implementation Guide CI build)

JIRA Project

Jira project will have to go away


Action Items

John to send email from Nova concerning ending JIRA project and transferring content to Confluence to team



SecurityIntegrityObservationValue value set