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Relevant existing FHIR resourcese


 A  "A flag is a warning or notification of some sort presented to the user - who may be a clinician or some other person involved in patient care. It usually represents something of sufficient significance to warrant a special display of some sort - rather than just a note in the resource. A flag has a subject representing the resource that will trigger its display. This subject can be of different types, as described in the examples.below:

    A note that a patient has an overdue account, which the provider may wish to discuss with them - in case of hardship for example (subject = Patient) 

JR Comment: a device alert falls within the broad scope of "flag", but what is needed is a carrier for the specific content important to the automated processing of a device alert typically resulting in near real-time notification of a person, typically a clinician in the patient vicinity able to respond.

Detected Issue

"Indicates an actual or potential clinical issue with or between one or more active or proposed clinical actions for a patient; e.g. Drug-drug interaction, Ineffective treatment frequency, Procedure-condition conflict, etc."

JR Comment: Device alerts are not necessarily clinical issues (technical advisories are within scope) and are differently processed and directed from detected issues.


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