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MethodologyV2 Quality Criteria Block vote

postpone to next call

MethodologyDaVinci Notification Block Votes #2

Block Vote 2

MethodologyDaVinci Notification Block Vote #3

Block Vote 3

Discussion around the pulled items:

J#26134 (Use SMART Backend Services.) (Isaac.Vetter) :

  • FHIR’s defacto security layer is SMART’s profile of OATH2
  • Issac wants to have a specific mechanism declared
  • FHIR messaging can use the FHIR RESTful transactions, so then we should be using SMART’s profile of OATH2
    • http will be supported by that
  • But FHIR messaging can be done other ways
  • For http transactions we should point to SMART’s profile of OATH2
  • Since DaVinci is trying to have a combined approach to security
  • Migrate this over to the working group that is working on the overall DaVinci security decision

J#26134 J#26135 (Flesh out the Security page. Use SMART Backend Services. ) (Isaac.Vetter)

  • This security page should point to the broader DaVinci security approach
  • Do the same as above so that that can be addressed there

MethodologyDa Vinci question around messageHeaderEventCode
Suggestion is to rename the code descriptions  in MessageHeaderEventCode = 
the question to InM is that intended to be more like the trigger event in V2 or the entire messagetype +trigger event?
the commenter is looking for descriptions of the business event that trigger the notification, but we currently include notification in the code (essentailly we created a hierarchical code system to represent both the type and the trigger)


Intent of this field MessageHeaderEventCode is to describe the event = so a notification is a different event than the sending of a lab report for example - notification is about something to get awareness, not the same as sending a report for example - so code system can be redued to just notification - drop off the admit / discharge / lab result etc

the reason for the event can be communicated in another field of the messageHeader resource = that is what triggers the notification - the valueset here is externally defined - this would codify the trigger reasons - it is currently optional

There is some discussion around creating a new notification bundle – which will be at the bundle definition, so then we need to no longer worry about the notification being in the event code; or the maybe even a new resource

Zulip chat link:

we need to let people know that we need to stop notification handling be a moving target

The decision tree confirmed use of messaging - see here: 

Google Drive Live Link

MethodologyGuidance for data sharing

Looking at the matrix

Not sure what is meant by “receiver expectations of sender”

CRUDSH = Create – Read – Update – Delete – Search - History


Implicit query by subscription = same as query, except the transaction and the message become the payload

Multiple responses – short lived = similar to ACKs – accept and application level, but not longer than that

Multiple responses – long lived example would be order workflow, where you get updates along the way of the progress on the ordered item

Management Next agenda

Next meeting is in 2 weeks – April 23

Please email the chair at least 6 PM the night before can add to agenda – will share block vote ahead of time

 Adjourned at 3:55 PM ET