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Agenda review and approval:   (FH) Added agenda item re: Confluence PSS Form question/prompt for normative.

Open Forum:  NONE

Approve previous meeting minutes:  2020-03-12  (Approved by General Consent)26

 Use general consent method when there are no corrections:  “You have received the minutes.  Are there any corrections to the minutes?  Hearing none, if there is no objection the minutes are approved as posted.”

Additional Topics:

  • PSS Updates

2020-03-26:  Dave met with Josh - migrating to Jira - reviewed fields to determine appropriate types.  Anne W's request to update the universal realm definition - Dave will not be updating the Word document - depending will update Confluence/Jira forms.  (Reminder - Moving to Jira for updating form ability as well as moving away from Project Insight.)

2020-03-12: Dave did not have any new updates on the Confluence PSS form.


  •  Dave Hamill Create Jira ticket to update Co-Chair Handbook when the PSS Jira template is ready (Dave also added to his personal "todo" checklist)
  •  Dave Hamill Dave will remove Word template version of PSS from
  •  Freida Hall send Ken URL to Tony Julian "pre-project" info (sent post call 2020-02-13)

  • Conformance Facilitator

2020-03-26: Still pending

2020-03-12: Still pending


  • Rick, Dave, and Freida met with Standards Governance Board December 5 to answer questions re: PLCPD. 
    2020-04-09:  Defer - pending decision to dissolve

2020-03-26: Defer - pending decision to dissolve

2020-03-12: Defer

2020-02-27:  Freida still to contact SGB, holding off for Ken McCaslin's work


  • Review list of artifacts per TSC request (posted to Documents page)

2020-04-09: Defer - pending - decision to dissolve

2020-03-26: Defer - pending - decision to dissolve

2020-03-12: Defer

2020-02-27:  Waiting on both Ken's list and/or TSC


2020-04-09:  Use list below if/when we review again

2020-03-26:  Use list below if/when we review again

2020-03-12: Defer, but Freida deleted items already reviewed or rescheduled.  List below still has due date of May 2020 WGM.

2020-03-26: Review items due May 2020:


(See earlier minutes for historical notes on this effort.)




  • Possibility of dissolving this group (Project Services) –  moving any responsibilities to other groups - review Mission and Charter - perhaps at future call this WGM period and review process to disband


    2020-03-26:  Reviewed dissolution document; reviewed mission and charter; the two points that PS still works on and is used are the PSS form/template and project approval process;  With the TSC reengineering these two items, our working group is becoming less vital;  General discussion - we will continue to review list of artifacts currently assigned to PS that would need to be handed off;

    2020-03-12: Review TSC slides/process flows. The new PSS flow indicates "Note: All Committees participate in consensus review; final approval by TSC."  This change to approval process will impact at 8 or more PSS artifacts but we can't update because we haven't been included in the discussions. It seems we can no longer fulfill vital responsibilities in our mission/charter.  It may be time to dissolve our Work Group.  For next call, consider pros/cons of dissolving the Work Group for further discussion.

  • Review Confluence PSS Form for normative question/prompt


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