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  • Attendance Review
  • Approve Minutes of 2020-03-11 CDAMG Meeting Minutes
    • Approved by consensus
  • Approval Requests
    • Reminder:  Complete Review Requests (links to all relevant materials) need to be provided 1 week prior to voting 
  • Discuss ideas for moving forward with C-CDA IAT (Lisa)
    • Review the proposal under consideration
    • Brett:  Would there be an option, since WG meeting is not happening, could we move the C-CDA track off the weekend so It will not be coincident with FHIR Connectathon?
      • Maybe even move both off the weekend
      • Separate both so that don't overlap
      • George asked:  What constitutes an implementer?  Any restrictions on who can participate?  Brett: we don't think so?
      • Didi:  There is an interoperability forum - Interoperability Matters - a public and members only session 
      • Joke  motion: withdrawn to make Brett emporer.
    • (Note FHIR Dev Days in June will have a go/no go decision on May 10th)
  • Discuss/review from Sydney Meeting
    • Discuss 3-year Roadmap advancement
    • Results of each CMG member's view of the future
    • Lots of additional discussion from other CMG members added to prior WG meeting minutes on this discussion.
    • Catch up here: 2020-02-04 Q4 CDAMG Meeting Minutes
  • ** Not Discussed** Follow-ups/Next Steps For Quality Plan
    • Review progress on the checklists to be created and the Communication Plan
  • Trying to track C-CDA on FHIR
    • Rick:  was approved through SDWG, then went to FMG
    • This will be submitted to FMG today for a publication vote next week.
    • How to access this:  Rick needs to provide the link to the version that has links to US Core 3.1.0
  • Rick discussed work being done on electronic case reporting

Adjourned:  1:59pm ET


Scheduled Reviews: