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Whereas we all agree on the mappings to dataAbsentReason and interpretation, the mapping to the resource security labels is still under discussion. On the pro side, this seems to be where FHIR people put similar information and the value sets seem to be an okay fit. Furthermore, it does not limit the usefulness of the resource as much as using a modifierExtension would. On the con side, however, the original purpose of the security label has likely been something else more policy-related than validity modifiers. The only suitable alternative seems to be a modifierExtension (with the limitations mentioned above) because (1) the Observation.status has only a limited and quite useless
value set that is not fit for the purpose of expressing the validity and (2) the Observation.interpretation represents a different dimension.
We agreed that this discussion should be continued next Monday if FCC allows.


Post-meeting note: see continuation of the discussion in 2020-03-23 DoF PoCD Subgroup meeting