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Comment: fixed pharmacy FCC id

Phase 1 encompasses Work Groups that have numerous Conference Calls per week

Work Group Co-Chairs,

Based on the volume of conference calls, about 15 Work Groups have been selected as candidates for HL7’s initial rollout of Zoom accounts for remote conferencing.

Co-Chairs of those 15 Work Groups:  In the table below, enter whether you want to move to a Zoom account (yes/no), add your name and the date you filled in your answer.

If you’d like to move from your current conference call/screen sharing platform to a Zoom account provided by HL7, the PMO can take the next steps to make that happen. 

If you’re satisfied with your current set up, that’s fine, moving to Zoom is not required at this time.

The PMO will check the table periodically and reach out to those that want to move to Zoom.

Phase 1 Work Groups (those with the most conference calls per week)

Co-Chairs of those 15 Work Groups:  In the table below, enter whether you want to move to a Zoom account (yes/no), add your name and the date you filled in your answer.

High Call Volume
Work Group 

Does WG Want a Zoom Acct?

Co-Chair Enters:
Yes/No, Name, Date


FCC ID  @lists.hl7.orgNotes
Clinical Decision SupportYes, Howard Strasberg, 2020-03-25cds-cc
Clinical GenomicsYes, Kevin Power, March 25 2020 (< 100)clingenomics-cc
Clinical Quality Information
Community-Based Care and Privacy (CBCP)

Yes, Suzanne Gonzales-Webb, March 25, 2020 (<100)

Electronic Health Records
FHIR Infrastructure


Financial Management
Mobile Health

Yes, Nathan Botts,   

Orders and Observations 1
Orders and Observations 2
ord-cc2We may pilot 'breakout room' functionality with OO, meaning, we only create 1 Zoom account for OO and have them use Zoom's Breakout Rooms
Patient Care
Payer/Provider Information Exchange Work Group

Yes - Melva Peters  


Pharmacy's FCC ID is pharmacy8, not pharmacy-cc. - Scott M. Robertson  


Yes, Kathleen ConnorMarch 25, 2020 (<100)

security-ccLike OO, we would like to pilot "breakout room" functionality so we only create 1 Zoom account and use for FHIR Security, Security, and any other Security WG calls.
Structured Documents

Yes - Reuben Daniels (<100)


Phase 2 Work Groups that are interested in piloting the 'shared Zoom accounts'

Phase 2: Ideally, we'd like to provide shared Zoom accounts to be used by WGs that meet infrequently.  Phase 2 will begin at a yet to-be-determined date.
HQ is investigating how this process will work.  We're hoping a shared calendar of the available accounts can be created in the Confluence/Jira space

We would like to gather a list of Work Groups that are interested in a shared Zoom account.
Co-Chairs:  For Work Groups not listed in the Phase 1 table above, enter your Work Group and Co-Chair Name to indicate you are interested in a 'shared Zoom account'.

Work Group 

Co-Chair Name, Date

Policy AdvisoryJamie Ferguson March 25Monthly & ad hoc calls <25 participants, plus occasional ad hoc webinars >100 participants 
DevicesTodd Cooper  March 25We currently have multiple weekly calls per the Devices on FHIR work and anticipate more (weekly) with the emerging SDC+FHIR work
Arden SyntaxYes, Robert Jenders, 2020-03-25ardensyntax is the listserv
Clinical Interoperability CouncilYes, Lindsey Hoggle, March 25, 2020 (less 100)We now meet second and fourth Thursdays for CIC; two calls on Wednesdays for sponsored projects and second Thursday for another sponsored projects.