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  1. v0.0.4 (April 20, 2020)
    1.  Temporary Codes / Master List 
        1. Need to add Clinical Observation - needs to be added to master list as well for the existing codes. Food Security Goal, Present, Absent, DataAbsentReason Codes (3), (Potentially new Value Set needed) 
    2. BSeR content (Becky Gradland Lisa R. Nelson)
      2. Meeting on Tuesday 17 1-2:00pm ET with Lloyd to discuss Message Header and Service request
    3. Second draft of Practical Guidance for Implementers (Corey, Lisa)
    4. Profiles:
      1. Fix Value Set binding to higher in data element structure- Observation, Condition, Goal and Procedure
      2. Add artifact descriptions
      3. Discuss use of additional US Core Profiles for Use Case 1 Scene three
      4.  SDOHCC_Procedure_FoodInsecurity_1 discuss binding strength of sdhocc_Value_Set_FoodInsecurityIntervention_1

    5. Narrative description for use of CarePlan FHIR resource (Monique)
      1. need to identify the key pieces of information we are collecting around Goal, Observation and condition and where they would fit into base CarePlan 
      2. Need clarity on longitudinal views of 4 key elements over time.
    6. Second draft of Capability Statements into IG (Jim and Cheng)
    7. Additional Clinical Statement Patterns (question) (Monique review clinical statement profiles patterns from BSeR)
    8. Better option for PMEHR capture of Clinical Encounter Info (Lisa, Yan)
    9. Documentation and profiles for ServiceRequest Message and ServiceRequest Feedback Message (Yan)
    10. Search Parameters, and Operations fully documented (Jim, Yan, Cheng)
    11. Capability Statements  (Jim)
      1. Status of narrative - Lloyd is working on this
      2. Create XML once agreement is reached on narrative. 
      3. Documentation on support for $process-message 
      4. one capability statement for each actor 
      5. Additional search parameters (Jim)
        1. Need to find the capability statement for SDC
    12. Profile Value Set binding. Convert value set narrative guidance to value sets where possible
    13. Should the sdohcc_ValueSet_FoodInsecurity_1 value set use the Level mechanism to show that Mild food insecurity, moderate food insecurity, and severe food insecurity are "under" the concept of "food insecurity"? 
    14. We need to discuss with Regenstreif the need for a value set of all Food Insecurity Screening Instruments plus assign a code for the most general concept that would apply to all of the food insecurity screening instruments.
    15. Need definitions of new concepts from Gravity Content SMEs
    16. Examples:
      1. Use Case 1:
      2. Bindings are at the wrong level and will be addressed
        1. Question regarding 4.2  
          1. <payload>
            <extension url="">
            <valueString value="Composition?_lastUpdated=ge2020-02-15"></valueString>
            <contentString value="What are the Screening Documents after 2020-02-15 for this patient?"></contentString>
        2. Example 4.3 question - Can we make this specific to Food Insecurity screenings rather than all screenings?

          1. <payload>
            <extension url="">
            <valueString value="QuestionnaireResponse?_lastUpdated=ge2020-02-15"></valueString>
            <contentString value="What are the Screening Response after 2020-02-15 for this patient?"></contentString>
        3. Example 5.1 Should the LOINC code be the code for Hunger Vital Sign document.  What is the ClinicalDocument.code we use when we make the CDA document that holds the Social History Screening.  Don’t we use 88121-9?  I don’t think 18842-5 is correct.

          1.          <payload>
            <extension url="">
            <system value=""></system>
            <code value="18842-5"></code>
        4. Example 5.1 How do we know what type of FHIR Composition this is?  Don’t we need the 88121-9
          1. <payload>
            <extension url="">
            <valueString value="Composition?_lastUpdated=ge2020-02-15"></valueString>
        5. Example 5.3 Again, doesn’t the query need a search parameter that indicates we are looking for a food insecurity hunger vital sign screening instrument response.
          1.             <payload>
            <extension url="">
            <valueString value="QuestionnaireResponse?_lastUpdated=ge2020-02-15"></valueString>
    17. Temporary Codes:
      1. Review with SME's
        1. added columns with Content SME's 
        2. Discuss temporary codes with Content SME's
      2. How should Goals be coded SNOMED CT or LOINC?
      3. Expectation for ICD-10 codes for diagnoses? (Do we need a profile for Encounter Diagnosis? Health Concern?)
      4. Any codes that Yen is using in messages (Lisa) Message and Task Related Codes (Need to add to Master list?)
    18. Error-free build (Natasha, Cheng)


  1. BSeR content (Becky Gradland Lisa R. Nelson)
    2. Meeting on Thursday 1-2pm ET with OO 
  2. Ongoing progress from AND (Becky)
    1. Referral Service Request Clinical Statements 
    2. Referral Service Request Feedback Clinical Statements