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On Monday, we will resume from where we left off (end of EOB _includes).



  • On today’s call will continue to reconcile ballot comments.   
  • Spreadsheet comments are now able to be uploaded into Jira.
  • US Core alignment
    • The “provider” mapping populates either practitioner, Practitioner Role, or organization
      • Practitioner is used for attending, pcp, and referring
      • Organization is used for performing the service
    • There are two “Practitioner Role”: a resource and a code set
    • Several questions related to how “requester”, “performerType”, and “performer”
      • “performerType” and “performer” can remain, but may not be used
      • The group discussed pulling “referring” provider from mapping and replace it with “referral”
    • “Servicerequest”
      • “identifier” optional
      • “reasonReference” and “reasonCode” could be included
      • “status” should be active
      • “intent” should be plan
    • Align with US Core if it makes sense, but it may not work in some cases.
    • If CARIN uses US Core it may require fields that are not currently used in the CPCDS IG (“provider”)