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Roll CallLC
  •  Wayne Kubick
  •  David Johnson
  •  Lorraine Constable
  •  Tony Julian
  •  Lloyd McKenzie
  •  Ted Klein
  •  Jean Duteau
  •  Josh Procious
  •  Marc Duteau
  •  Andrew Statler
  •  Dave Hamill
  •  Jessica Snell
  •  Patrick Loyd
  •  Melva Peters
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  •  Austin Kreisler 
Ballot ProjectLM/JD
  • Melva working on a plan with Lloyd and Don Lloyd to move this forward
  • Spreadsheet import process is now fixed. 
    • Logic to deal with some of the validation needed to be fixed
    • created an item in source control to retrieve out of Jira
    • do we need an additional test case?
  • Need to get the dev environment to the point where it is comparable to prod
  • regard the sync of dev/test and prod - we can import and export issues as well as configuration. It takes a long time to load the full set. 
  • Should we create a small test set. Would be most useful if we were going to do regression testing.
  • Wants to add additional capability for administrators so need workflow updates
  • goal for workflow changes is this weekend. Then need to assess what is left for ToDos
  • Assess what is done and what remains plus estimates
Webmaster's ReportDJ/JP
  • No new changes - business as usual
JIRACon ProjectLC/JP
  • Resource proposal migration
  • Migrating FHIR materials - some clean up and consolidation required
  • trouble shooting notifications for people who watch pages
  • Covid-19 information page - also created a blog and posted on
  • Setting up a check in / check out for zoom licenses and scheduler
    • budgeting for 50 licenses, probably actively managing 20 - 30 groups
    • what is the schedule? roll out to the busier groups first dedicated lines. Tentative goal mid-may
  • Zulip migration Monday
STU Comment Jira MigrationMPwill be pulled int GForge migration plan
UTG ProjectTK
  • UTG content testing complete

  • UTG Content Release 1 scheduled for 4/1/20 (this is an immediate priority
    • All critical content fixes must be in prior to publishing Release 1
    • Final import of content to occur prior to Release 1
  • Pilot testing (4/13/20)
    • For Pilot test change proposals for the HL7 Terminology source of truth, we only want those proposals that have been endorsed explicitly and deliberately by the sponsoring WGs
    • Pilot testers are being recruited based on NIBs
    • Findings from Pilot to be shared with TSC to inform Go Live decision
  • Post-Pilot Cleanup and System Test (after Pilot)
    • Address any critical issues that may arise from Pilot
    • Perform final testing
  • Go Live (early May 2020)
    • When TSC deems ready

Remaining open tasks

Lloyd finishing up the mif generation code

Other projectsWK/JP

Jira governance discussion - reviewed Proposed JIRA Governance

Suggested 1 for each product family specification and a project for internal governance - 

Current workflows documented: JIRA Workflows

Will review existing projects in Jira and clean them up

Announcements / AdministrationLC

Next call April 3