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  1. Gaps in Care will be part of DEQM
    1. Patient List Uses Individual Measure Report
  2. Do Ballot Reconciliation on DEQM
  3. Publish DEQM
  4. Update DEQM to HL7 IG Template
  5. When complete create a sub branch for Initial GIC work (consider Trifolia for this work)
  6. Add ballot reconciliations to master branch
  7. Branch maintenance (?)
  8. Publish main branch when DEQM Ballot Reconciliation Complete
  9. Merge sub branch for GIC back to master DEQM
  10. in Trifolia on FHIR
  11. Cut and paste from Trifolia into DEQM main branch
  12. Prep for Quality Review
  13. Prep for Ballot - August 10th

Existing Gaps in Care Operation Parameters





   Elaborate list of topics (1 or more measures)

      Example: Preventive Care and Screening




New parameters


Status: Open, Closed, Exempt

Measure Focus Piviot (Flu shot example) - single measure, topic, list of measures, all measures

Program Participation

Patient List 

Provider Person

Provider Organization

Only date: Reporting Period - may exist


Needs to add to Gaps in Care

---how to handle Bulk Datawhich will be extended

Gaps In Care $care-gaps Operation and Profiles

Needs to add to DEQM to Support Gaps in Care

--add to Home/Introduction Page to incorporate  Gaps in Care - few paragraphs

  - add to 1.3 How to Read this Guide

  - add  1.5.2 Gaps in Care as a reporting scenario and possibility update 1.4

              Figure 1-4 – add Gaps In Care Report to Framework – main entry point--bottom of left hand block

--add to Framework

    Review General if changes are needed

    Add new subtab for Gaps In Care

      - High level description

      - Use Cases

      - How it interacts with other scenarios in DEQM

      - Operation description and use

-Add Example Use Case?

    Should we use existing or new one

??Add Gap in Care under example Colorectal Screening/MRP

       Think about how you would do this for VTE (?future)??


   - MeasureReport    - Patient List

      --- relevantResources

  -  List

        --- List of patients

 -   GroupsAdd under FHIR Artifacts

     Operations Subtab for  $care-gaps Operation

     Under Profiles - DEQM GIC Detect Issue

                                DEQM GIC Bundle

-    Bundle Type of Composition that is document is for the report recipient - to make narrative report

           ---- entry for each measurepatient

           ----- entry for each patient*Attach sample bundlesubject for each measure

                                DEQM GIC Group?

--Capability statement – updates by Eric


Outstanding issues

New Terminology – LOINC for Bundle/Gaps in Care Report

--How Gaps in Care Works with ATR (Member Attribution

--how to handle Bulk Data?  Future

Future Consideration

Quality Measure IG update for Measure Resource – relevant data expression.  If not balloted in September, add an extension here

               -Background  section is shared by Quality Measure IG and DEQM

Terminology – Gap in Group, ? relevant data?

How Gaps in Care Works with ATR

Capability statement – updates by Eric

Figure 1-4 – add Gaps In Care Report to bottom of left hand block      --- relevantResources and rules in Measure Resource



A new $ Care_Gaps Operation within DEQM- will generate a report with a summary list of patients