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Task Name

Task Category

ResourceStatusComment (if applicable)
Fix coremif generatorContentLloyd
1.0.0 mif is identical to 1.0.18 mif

Enlist Frank to do final test V2 Resources


Fix Table 0910 IssueContentTed

Unify use of 'status'ContentTed, Grahame
Product families are using different status values. Need to determine how to address this.
Unify use of 'publisher'ContentTed
Publisher field varies across product families
Deprecated field using codes instead of dateTimeContentTed
For v2
Determine how OIDs will be generatedContentTedDONEsee OID Generation
Look into rim-classifier-class-code propertyContentTed
May be a duplicate
Add Scripts to Enable Changes to Resource HistoryWorkflowTedIN PROGRESSManual unix scripts for now, will automate in Jira later

Allow User to Re-Cast Vote


Come Up A Better Way to Represent 'Draft A Proposal'

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Draft a Proposal is done after you enter most proposal information. Perhaps use "Define Change Detail".

Rework Product Family Check BoxesWorkflowTed, JoshDONE

V2 Vocabulary (Including Tables)

Unified Vocabulary (Including Concept Domains)

V3 Vocabulary 

Other (do we need to mention CDA here?)

Remove CIMI

Rename UP ProjectWorkflowTed, JoshDONEShould be something like 'UTG Terminology Change Proposals'

Obtain Approval and Counts for Final Voting Weights (from SGB)


Configure Final Voting Weights and Requirements


Configure Notifications for UTG Proposals by Workflow StateWorkflowJoshDONE

These filters, along with a link to opt-in (subscribe), are:

Consensus Review:

Meeting Needed:


Sent for Implementation:


Ensure Version History Link Works

IG PublisherGrahameDONEThis is on the bottom banner of the rendered pages

Ensure Objects are Listed Alphabetically

IG PublisherJessNeeds QA

Found in Content Testing. Fixed in one place but not every. Just main Value Sets page need fixing.

Redirects Not WorkingIG PublisherTedDONE
Update UTG Editor to support added extensionsUTG EditorGrahame
Need to see what extensions are missing. Create Zulip record.

Create Structured Guidance for UTG Resources to Support v2, v3, CDA, and fhir


Floyd may be able to help for V3 and Rob Hausam for FHIR. Done for Pilot.

Document all Vocabularies that are Out of Scope (structural, ballot-bound)

DocumentationTedIN PROGRESS

Convenience copies out of scope for maintenance AND Ballot-bound content

Contact all Individuals who submitted an applicable Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB)

Pilot PrepJessDONE

Discuss Craig's V2 HL7nnnn Proposal

Pilot PrepTed, Carol, CraigDONE

Create Jira logins for testers

Pilot PrepJoshDONENeed to verify permissions
Create Jira logins for reviewersPilot PrepJoshDONEOSG voters and Super voters have been configured per Working Group. Anyone with a Jira login can participate

Hold Training session for testers

Pilot PrepTed, JessDONEHeld on 5/26

Run through harmonization process with UTG tooling

Pilot PrepTed, JessIN PROGRESS

Unify ObservationInterpretation

Pilot PrepRob Hausam


Task Name

Task Category

ResourceStatusComment (if applicable)

Define Process for External Proposals

WorkflowJosh, TedDONEMight use check box that acts as a blocker

Checkbox Bypass for Republishing New External Content (Before New HTA Workflow Link is Ready)

WorkflowCarol, Julie
Need to re-discuss with HTA


Task Name

Task Category

ResourceStatusComment (if applicable)

Locate and Document Code and Processes to Create Cached Local Images for External Standards


Needs discussion with Ted, Lloyd, Grahame

Update uris from Canada

ContentTed, Dave T
Need to be checked first.  Ted needs to go over this with Andrea M and Beverly K

Create Manifest for Ballot-Bound Content

Ted must create the manifests for the ballot-bound content in all the product lines.  This is to properly handle the erroneous submissions (see task ballot bound content below)

Expansion Versions Date for V2 Value Sets Incorrect (Should be UTG Version)




Determine if Expansions Should State 'Active Codes From' Instead of 'All'



Goes on PZR

Some V2 Concept Statuses are Listed as both 'A' and 'Deprecated'



Need a list of which ones. These are wrong in the source.
Add Copyright Statement for All External Code Systems with ContentContentTedTBD - 1.1.0SNODENT and HealthcareProviderTaxonomyHIPAA have content. HPC, Iso_3166_2, MediaType, PHManufacturersOfVaccinesMVXCDCNIP, PHRaceAndEthnicityCDC (dup), and PHVaccinesAdministeredCVXCDCNIP display a subset of content (unsure if action needed for those).

Update R2.0 CDA Domains (Add them as Synonyms)

Ted thinks he missed one.

Should Table Content Point to Particular Version of CS?

PolicyTed, Vocab, V2TBD - Post 1.1.0Yes, agreed between Ted and Carol.   Ted to add property for this for v2tables..xml, and to write up the instructions for the value to be placed in there for Dave.   Update:  No, on discussion with Lloyd. Needs review with Carol.   It may need to be done for the ballot-bound V2 code systems.
Template Change for Multiple CLDIG TemplateLloyd

Create tabs for Naming Systems (Identifier Systems, Code System Identifier Registry Items)IG TemplateTed
Per Lloyd
Fix Link for 'Propose a change'IG TemplateTed

Right now this goes right to Jira and people are entering many tickets without understanding the process. Should be linked to the Terminology at HL7 page. 

Steps to propose a change as a subpage of vocabulary maintenace at hl7
streamlined and links for further info, then link to jira project
if this is the first time you are proposing, go to...

Workflow Handling of Ballot-Bound ContentWorkflowJosh, Ted

1.  When in a proposal, reject on submit validation and notify submitter that this content is not maintained through the UTG Process.

2.  When a new spec version normative is released (any product family) the de-facto new terminology object in that new version that are ballet bound get imported in the SoT workflow.  Operations to do this must be defined psst UTG initial release (Ted)

Create Script to Enable Changes to Resource HistoryWorkflowJosh, Ted

Document List of Ballot-Bound ContentContentTed
Could have a tab for Ballot-bound content (CS, VS, etc.) as well. At least document on Ballot-Bound Terminology Content

Implement HTA Interaction

WorkflowTed, Josh, Julie

Change Handling for External Content Change Requests

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Coordination required with each organization that we have an agreement with. Discuss with HTA

Automate Push to GitHub

WorkflowDevelopment Resource

Modification of utg.xml file in branch for version ID

WorkflowJosh, Ted80%

Manual first (must document process steps), automate later. Just need to document the steps.

Modification of utg.xml file for CI Build version updates

WorkflowJosh, Ted80%

Manual first (must document process steps), automate later. Just need to document the steps.

Document Manual Workflow for Publishing a Release

Workflow/PublishingTed, Josh, Grahame

Add custom field that pulls status of branch at proposal draft

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Needs revisiting to see if it is something we really need to fix or not

Add validation check at issue submission to ensure branch has been committed

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Reload Page Upon Vote


Add Ability to Report a Tooling or Content Issue

WorkflowJosh, Ted50%Need to have a way to report tooling issues. Maybe something in the Confluence Page (email or chat log)

Create Workflow for when New CS or VS is Proposed

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Involves new version number, utg.xml updates, control manifest edits, all committed with GitHub. Consensus review needs to add manifest entry so it renders. Needs to be documented.

Consider Renaming 'Change Objects' to 'Related HL7 Artifact(s)'

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Validate Proforma ballot ticket

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Bypass Consensus Review and go Directly to Approved

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Fix R4 Toolkit

UTG EditorGrahame

Fix 'Enumerated' Radio Button when editing Value SetsUTG EditorGrahame

Add Ability to edit Lists (Manifests) in EditorUTG EditorGrahame

Verify Generated CoreMIF through Lynn's Tooling (V3 publishing)

PublishingTed, Lynn

V2 Publishing Database Interfacing (V2 publishing)


FHIR Pages Update Integration (FHIR publishing)


Fix Help > About

Vocab ServerGrahame

Server will not start without CDA folder present

Vocab ServerGrahame

Add Time Stamp to Date on CI Build

IG PublisherGrahame

Bug with Value Set's Displaying 'All Codes From' When Not True

IG PublisherGrahame

Update Verbiage on Rendered Pages

Describe History Tracking in Background PageIG TemplateTedIN PROGRESS

Document how to check Status of Branch

DocumentationTed, Josh

Sourcetree should notify if master has been updated so you can look, and decide to pull or disregard

Document Use of Control Manifests for Releases


Document how UTG will use Naming Systems


Discuss Education with Sadhana and Education Committee


There are 4 categories of target audiences: community at large (overall description), HL7 membership and vocab users (access and download), reviewers (getting login w/ permissions, understanding voting, viewing content, etc.), proposal writers (tooling)

Create Training Video for Submitting Proposals


Create Training Video for Reviewing Proposals


Final System TestTestingTesters