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Management Minutes Approval

CPG-on-FHIR Block Vote

FHIR Project Filter:

project = FHIR AND STATUS = Triaged AND Specification = "Clinical Guidelines (FHIR) [FHIR-cpg]" AND grouping = Block-Vote-2 ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC

Motion to approve: Bob Dieterle, Floyd Eisenberg.  Approved 9/0/2.

Also consider:


Use of personas in Clinical Guidelines IG.  Using external classification system.  Need for universal applicability.  Bryn will reach out to HTA on inclusion of the external value sets referenced (International Classification of Occupations).

CQL STU Comments

[STU4#1911]( )

Add a note indicating unit conversion is supported with ConvertQuantity

Persuasive - Non-Substantive

[STU4#1912]( )

Add a note clarifying seconds and milliseconds are represented as a combined Decimal

Persuasive - Non-Substantive

[STU4#1913]( )

Remove incorrect reference to Time values optionally indicating an offset

Persuasive - Non-Substantive

[STU4#1914]( )

Fix rendering of footnote to formatting-strings

Persuasive - Non-Substantive

[STU4#1915]( )

Add guidance around local identifiers for code system, value set, and code declarations

Duplicate of #1909

[STU4#1916]( )

Add terminology guidance for direct-reference codes

Persuasive - Non-Substantive

[STU4#1917]( )

Add a media type for text/

Persuasive - Non-Substantive

Some discussion of name vs identifier.

[STU4#1918]( )

Support annotations as comments that are output to the ELM directly

Persuasive - Compatible, Substantive

Chris Moesel had some comments about the syntax.  Also suggested supporting markdown.

[STU4#1919]( )

Missing Description heading in ConvertQuantity and HighBoundary reference sections

Persuasive - Non-Substantive

[STU4#1920]( )

Add a "fluent" keyword to function definitions to support defining fluently invokable functions.

Persuasive - Compatible, Substantive

[STU4#1921]( )

Consider supporting "include" and "reverseInclude" parameters on the Retrieve

Persuasive - Compatible, Substantive

[STU4#1923]( )

Add support for a 64-bit Integer

Persuasive - Compatible, Substantive

Motion to approve all of the above comments: Howard Strasberg, Chris Moesel.  Approved 12/0/0.


Note: Ballot Pools Signup

Work Group Feedback Request:

CMS Final Rule:

Rule Text:

Fact Sheet:

ONC Final Rule:

Rule Text:

Fact Sheet:

HL7 and its Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) are looking to draw upon your field-leading expertise as we analyze these regulations. We would appreciate thoughts from you by Thursday, March 19 on the impact of these final rules through the lens of HL7 and your specific Work Group focus

Since the rule specifies FHIR R4, it will affect some of our IGs.
Bob would like to send out a note to everyone who voted on DTR as notification that the guide will be limited to FHIR R4.
Bryn wondered if we should do the same for other, non-DaVinci IGs, such as the Quality Measure IG.
Motion to approve sending notification to DTR balloters regarding limiting the IG to FHIR R4: Bob Dieterle, Thomson Kuhn.  Approved 12/0/0.

Floyd noted that the rule will also be discussed on the CQI call this Friday.  We will have further discussion on next week's CDS call as well.

HL7 is seeking input on any areas requiring further clarification or correction, not changes to the rule.  There are plans to develop some educational materials for members regarding the rule.

Specific impact:

Discussion on restricting implementation guides to R4

EBM-on-FHIR Tracker Item:


Can a reference point to two different types of resources?  Generally yes.
More broadly, some discussion of the use of the Evidence resource for describing results of federally funded research and/or clinical trials.

Motion to approve the proposed disposition: Brian Alper, Khalid Shahin.  Approved 12/0/0.


 Next agenda

  • CDS Hooks Patient View Block Vote
  • Additional discussion on CMS/ONC final rules.
  • CQL specification review (if available).

 Adjourned at1 PM EDT