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  • GOM Change Requests
    • EC has not not approved - next meeting is March 16th
    • May need to have a meeting to discuss once they make their decision
  • Status of Phase 1
    • Melva will apply changes provided by Chuck
    • Change history - will be blank
    • Need to put together a communication to members -  will send out by email for review
      • HL7 Newsletter
  • Plans for Phase 2
    • will work on Phase 2 once Phase 1 has been approved
  • Use of JIRA
    • Link to JIRA: 
    • Melva did a demo 
    • Melva will open up JIRA to all GOC member
    • start using for 2005 revision cycle
    • Create confluence page to capture issues
  • Next Meeting
    • Next scheduled meeting is April 21st - May need a meeting before

Action Items

  •  Melva Peters  to draft communication to members about the GOM updates in Phase 1
  •  Melva Peters to invite Robert Stegwee to next meeting
  •  Melva Peters to complete changes for Phase 1
  •  Melva Peters to ask Josh to assign permissions for JIRA to GOC members
  •  Melva Peters to create Confluence page for tracking proposed JIRA changes