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Agenda Item

 Discussion and Responsibilities

Decision Link(if not child)Action Items
 Minutes Approval (3 minutes)

On screen review of minutes, request to approve by consensus. 

2020-2-27 CIC Conference

Decision - Approved by consensus

Request for Work Group input on Cures Final Rule 

CIC Chair, Co-Chairs reviewed and documented input on 21st Century Cures and CMS Final rules and potential impact to work group.  Document Link (xxx)

CIC WG ONC CMS Final Rules Review.pdf

Question - will there be anything required of the work group as follow up on input on the rules. 
Tom Kuhn - HL7 wanted members to look for inaccuracies and corrections needed in response to ONC.  

Project Report-outs 

Upcoming Deadlines: 

2020 Schedule/Calendar

All HL7 Calendars (Confluence)

(5 minutes)

mCODE (May Terry)  Mark Kramer )

Target Dates: 

STU publish: Jan 2020          

Normative ballot: Jan 2022    Publication Request: Feb 2022   

Receive ANSI approval/Project end: April 2022


Mark - STU1 made it through publish process and now available. Thank you to participants. Expect to hear input on extensions, pilots. Now entering a new phase, testing during trial use.

Trying to engage with healthcare providers, agencies, care pathways. 

Past Update:

Approve Publication Request for mCODE.

(5 minutes)

Breast CA (Richard R. Esmond  Kurt Allen )

Target Dates:

For Comment September 2019 Ballot Informative Jan 2020    Ballot STU May 2020 Ballot


Richard - The last two years of meeting minutes have been added to Breast Cancer Modeling and FHIR Profile Development Proposal as attachments. Richard is working on getting the attachments moved to child level from attachments.   

Does CIC need to vote/approve ballot - Breast Radiology Ballot for May ballot cycle. The team creating has set out links, posted intent to ballot and voted their approval to ballot. CIC does not need to vote and document will be in May Ballot.

Last Update: Laura has been tracking these: in ballot reconciliation to meet timelines.  Upcoming balloting is expected. 

(5 minutes)

VANGUARD (Stan Huff Richard R. Esmond Julia Skapik Kevin Baskin)

Target Dates:

Informative: May 2020
STU: Sept 2020
Normative: Jan 2021


Kevin Baskin - Project has been working with Logica, being on boarded as first external project and will be helping with logical modeling. Logica is working on setting up a Confluence page.   Working on Pharmaceutical for Intravenous access and working on Covid-19  

Target Dates - Jan 2021  

Last Update: 

VANGUARD Calls are the third Thursday 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST 

(5 minutes)


Chrystal - This week discussion around CCRF joining the Vulcan Accelerator to leverage additional resource to achieve CCRF objectives. At beginning stage, preparing submission of documents to join.   

Ballot has outstanding comments to resolve, these are on hold as working to join Vulcan. 

Russ - Vulcan as a project accelerator can't be part of balloting they are not a work group.

Robert Dieterle - Accelerators do not replace the work group, they provide resources, the work group still owns the project/process. Open separate calls are held to speed up the work. There will still be a follow up call. 

This will be discussed off line to discuss the governance Process (whether CCRF is asking to move to Vulcan or remain with CIC and utilize Vulcan resources. Vulcan). 

Last Update:  defer

Anita is moving; has been discussion in the past about getting tobacco terminology to be included in U.S. Core.  Cross Groups WG just met and they are forming input on how to add topics to U.S. Core. Potential to distinguish U.S. Core from a new one called U.S. Base. Cross Group WG meets Thursdays at 1 PM-2 PM EST.  Next call is after the February WGM. 

Need to socialize the tobacco status including e-cigarettes. Multiple conversations which address the increased scope of tobacco data elements due to e-cigarettes.  SNOMED-CT does not have sufficient data elements for e-cigarettes. 

AHRQ per Matt: Elise recommendation per CDC contact and possibly with AHRQ grant.  Will continue to meet every other week to discuss.

Has been awhile since they reviewed PSS; are there areas that they should address via CIC?  January 8th (then January 22) is next CCRF call: add to agenda to discuss on CCRF call.  Chrystal Price will check on when to best discuss PSS.  This is important as there is a significant lead time on PSS timelines. 

(15 minutes)

Pain Assessment Project (Susan Matney)

Skin and Wound Project (Susan Matney)

Update: Defer to an upcoming meeting - working on Covid19.


Clarify status Skin and Wound PSS.

(5 minutes)

Complete STU1 Reconciliation /Request Publication:  Jan 2020 WGM

Submit for STU2 Ballot: Sep 2020

Complete STU2 Reconciliation/Request Publication:  Jan 2021 WGM


Continuing to resolve ballot comments.  Work by underway by Robert Dieterle and Loyd McKenze, approximately 70 unresolved comment. Potential block vote next week. 

With the final rule specifying FHIR R4 HRex has confirmed with TSC a process by which they can remove HRex from R2 and R3. Sending a letter to ballot comments asking them if they have an major objections to removing HRex from R2 and R3. if there are no concurs then the document can be updated with out returning to ballot. 

Robert reviewed letter, asked CIC to distribute letter.

Motion: Send this letter edited as discussed to those people that signed up for the HRex Ballot.  (4-0-0) Motion Passed. 

Past Update:

First Block vote approved: Work to reconciliation (Lloyd/Bob) 

152 ballot /56 Negative 

18 ready for vote/35 language correction: if substantive will put in block vote.  43 they are working on. 

Jira 2020-02-09T21_04_41-0600.csv


(5 minutes)

BiPolar DAM (Publishing pending)

(Anita Walden)


Lindsey has not been able to reach Anita Walden

If Publication Errors need to be addressed by March 31, 2020 if this is to be published. If not resolved project becomes retired. 

Last update: 

Final content posted; awaiting publication request per Lindsey Hoggle.

Co-sponsored Projects

(5 minutes)

Care Team DAM (Russell Leftwich)


LHS has submitted HL7 Domain Analysis Model: Patient Centered Care Team, Release 1 as an informative ballot. Please sign up, review, and comment. LHS may consider Covid-19 impact to the ballot's completeness. 

Work Group Coordination & Updates

1) Co-chair elections:

George Dixon (completing remainder of Amy Nordo term) term expires in Jan 2020; will need to run in May 2020 to continue in Jan 2020.  

Russ Leftwich term expires in Sep 2020 (extended to December 31, 2020); will need to run in May 2020 to continue in Jan 2020.

2) CIC related Documents (see left TOC)

3-Year Plan items are now optional; Work Groups can continue to create them if they want to.

Mission and Charter: update every 2 years (present); update every 5 years (Feb 2020)   CIC shows last in 2018.

SWOT: update every 3 years (present); update every 5 years (Feb 2020)   CIC shows last in 2018

Decision Making Practices: presently default to HL7 edition.

  •  All CIC-WG chairs:  have all projects in Confluence minutes maintenance.

Mission and Charter, being reworked by chairs. Lindsey to review George's input and confer. 

- to Review George's input on mission and get back. 

Russ Leftwich identifies and issue with approving ballot materials. Consider establishing a procedure where when group is approving a ballot sponsored group invites a CIC co-chair to the meeting and thereby making it an official work group call.  Discussion require how to make invitations consistent across sponsored groups. 

Related Work

Existing Domain Analysis Models (DAM) (Thomson Kuhn Lindsey Hoggle)


No update

Last Update: Categorizing Standards Pilot Home (Projects are Active, Stable, or Archived.) Per Thomson Kuhn, this is a project of TSC; new guidelines are pending.  Intent is that any standard documents balloted and published will be "discoverable" on the HL7 website.  At present CIC has now 34 different DAMs.  Discussion on how to refresh any existing standard; working on a single document for life cycles of different standards life cycle and management. (STU, Normative, DAM, etc.) DAMS; intent is not likely to re-ballot but update what exists.

Next Meetings
  • April 9
  • April 23
  • May 14
  • May 16-22    WGM CANCELED 
  • May 28  

Adjournment  Adjourned at TBD p.m. EST