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MondayQ1 9:00amNo meetingN/A
Q2 11:00amNo meetingN/A
Q3 1:45pmClinical Interoperability Council hosting Imaging Integration,Clinical Information Modeling Initiative 

Cancer Interoperability related projects

Q4 3:30pmFHIR Infrastructure hosting II, FM, MnM

FHIR-I Topics

TuesdayQ1 9:00amII/WG-20

1. Opening

  • Call to order, introductions, and welcome.
  • Review & approval of the Agenda
  • Minutes of the previous meeting.
  • Antitrust rules.

2. General Administration

  • Review PBS Metrics (May 2020 interim /  May 2020 final)
  • Review Workgroup Health Metrics (May 2020 interim / May 2020 final)
  • Review joint meeting agendas
  • Review and approve DMP document 
  • Review any other housekeeping topics
Q2 11:00amII/WG-20

3. Review Projects and update Project Deadlines

  • Sponsor
    • ImagingStudy and R5
    • ImagingReference
    • Status of Potential Project: FHIR Release 4 II Objects
    • (Cancer project Q3)
    • Status of Project 1230: HL7 Endorsement of DICOM PS3.20: Imaging Reports using HL7 CDA
  • Co-sponsor
    • Status of Project 1343 (Eye Care and Ophthalmology on FHIR)
    • Status of Project 1010 (Ordering service interface spec)
    • Status of Project 862 (Unique Specimen Identifier Requirements)
  • Dental Interop Project #1482 Discussion (II is an "interested party")
Q3 1:45pmII/WG-20
Review Imaging Reference extension to Document Reference with Breast Cancer Reporting group / ACR
Q4 3:30pmInfrastructure and Messaging hosting II


  • Overview & status
  • STU2 ballot status
  • Future goals and timelines
  • Transition of ownership

WednesdayQ1 9:00amII/WG-20

Continue with work on FHIRCast

Q2 11:00amOrders and Observations hosting II representatives


Q3 1:45pmII/WG-20

Continue with work on ImagingReference, ImagingStudy

Q4 3:30pmII/WG-20 hosting FHIR Infrastructure

Joint meeting with FHIR-I


ThursdayQ1 9:00amII/WG-20

Q2 11:00amOrders and Observations hosting II

Q3 1:45pmNo meeting

Q4 3:30pmNo meeting


FridayQ1 9:00amNo meetingN/AN/A
Q2 11:00amNo meetingN/AN/A
Q3 1:45pmNo meetingN/AN/A
Q4 3:30pmNo meetingN/AN/A