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ManagementReview ANSI Anti-Trust Policy

  • February 2020 Ballot Cycle is complete
  • Ballot reconciliation will begin in February 2020

Implementation Guide

Reference Implementation: to issues in

JIRA Issues:

Ballot comment review
  • Comments loaded into JIRA from ballot spreadsheets
  • Will propose dispositions on this call, and then submit block votes to Financial Management workgroup for review/vote
  • Participants can add comments on particular JIRA issues if they want to review offline
  • Grouping field will be used for "Fit for Teleconference" to review in this weekly call, or "Block Vote 1" to identify that an issue is ready to bring to Financial Management workgroup
  • Dragon and Brett will take lead on proposing dispositions
  • Link to issues in JIRA:


  • Purpose of using InsurancePlan was to represent Contract between payer and provider
  • That's not what InsurancePlan was intended to do 
  • InsurancePlan intended to provide details behind Coverage (which includes identifiers on the member ID card)
  • InsurancePlan contains more benefit info than Coverage
  • Need to work with Financial Management workgroup to determine what's needed moving forward
  • Provider needs to refer back to Contract they are working on to narrow down which list of patients they're interested in
    • Want to know that the member is part of a specific plan (e.g., blue plan vs. red plan with the same payer)
  • This information wouldn't be represented in InsurancePlan, because it's between provider/payer and not payer/member

ManagementNext Agenda

Ballot comment review continued

Adjourned at 3:33pm ET