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Comment: Updated Anthem POC


Project facilitator (1Mandatory)

Michael L. Brody, DPM,

Other interested parties and their roles

Pharmacy Work Group


Multi-disciplinary project team (recommended)

     Modeling facilitator

Richard Ettema (, Inc.)

     Publishing facilitator

Richard Ettema (, Inc.)

     Vocabulary facilitator

Ted Klein

     Domain expert representatives

American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)

-    Seth Rubinstein DPM (Podiatrist in Private Practice)

-    Diane Tower DPM – Staff Member

American College of Foot and Ankle Medicine (ACFAOM)

-    Michael Warshaw DPM (Podiatrist in Private Practice)

Podiatry Insurance Company of America – Malpractice Carrier

-    Linda McSmith Director of Risk Management

Tissue Analytics, a Net Health Company - Wound Measurement Device Manufacturer

 -    Joshua Budman, VP Wound Care Analytics

 Biomedix – Manufacturer of Vascular Analysis Device

-    John Romans CEO

ICS Software – EHR Vendor

-    Ken Katz CEO

MedXpress – Qualified Clinical Data Registry

 -    Michael L Brody, DPM Chief Medical Officer

Anthem Prior Auth Workgroup

-    Anthem staffing pending, Availity is managing the tech componentsMary Jo Baughman, Business Strategy Planning  Director, E-Solutions Management and Admin

ARANZ Medical, LTD  - Device Manufacturer

-    Bruce Davy, PhD


Trustworthy EHR, LLC - Compliance and U.S. Domain Records Expert

-   Reed D. Gelzer, MD, MPH




     Business requirement analyst

Michael L. Brody, DPM,  Reed D. Gelzer, MD, MPH

     Conformance facilitator (for IG projects)

Richard Ettema,, Inc.

     Other facilitators (SOA, etc)

Implementers (2Mandatory for STU projects)

FHIR Project Note: The implementer requirement will be handled by the “balloting” project.  Therefore work groups do not fill out the above section.  However, feel free to list implementers specific to your work group’s resources if you know of any.

1) Registry Clearinghouse

2) Tissue Analytics

3), Inc.
4) ARANZ Medical, LTD