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Comment: Add "level of involvement" statement as endorsed by PC Co-Chair Steve Chu


Co-sponsor Work Group(s):

(Enter co-sponsor approval dates in Section 6.d Project Approval Dates)

Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI)

Payer/Provider Information Exchange Work Group (PIE)

Orders and Observations (OO)

Patient Care (PC)


Indicate the level of involvement that the co-sponsor will have for this project:
YES Request formal content review prior to ballot
YES Request periodic project updates. Specify periodWGMs plus on request
X Other Involvement. Specify details here: 

CIMI - CIMI plans to have a representative at the weekly telephone calls.  Also note that CIMI is co-sponsor for a related Patient Care PSS for a Skin Wound Assessment Profile.  Others on this PSS are also on the Patient Care PSS team.  In contrast, this PSS is for a FHIR IG for a conformance-testable specification for an exchangeable object containing FHIR 4.0 trust attributes, more detailed than the clinical content in the Patient Care Profile.  The Profile and the FHIR IG teams have leveraged complementary interests while maintaining substantially different development paths.

PPIE - PPIE has overlapping membership with implementers and co-sponsors

PC- PC has overlapping membership with implementers and co-sponsors

2.c. Project Team

All names should have confirmed their role in the project prior to submission to the TSC.